September 24, 2017

The Sunday Links – August 12, 2007

sunlinkby Scott Benson
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The morning papers have more reaction from Friday night’s pre-season opener, so let’s take a spin through the links to see what’s up.

The Globe hits leadoff today with Christopher Gasper’s look at Kelley Washington, who impressed in his Friday debut. Washington talks a bit about his 12 yard catch and run first-down that left no less of a player than Ronde Barber grabbing for air.

Gasper and Mike Reiss team up on the daily notebook, with Jarvis Green and the rest of the Patriots defensive line working to get on the same page with the absences of Richard Seymour (planned) and Ty Warren (unplanned) on Friday night. This is the first I’ve heard that Warren left the game early with an unspecified injury. Something to watch closely in the days to come. I hardly want to consider the prospects of the loss of the underrated Aggie.

In his weekly Football Notes, Reiss talks with Bill Belichick mentor Ted Marchibroda about the expanding size of today’s coaching staffs, a trend Belichick is bucking in New England. Mike also visits with old friend Damien Woody, who has been expanding himself. Reiss also touches on Michael Irvin’s much discussed Hall of Fame acceptance speech, in which he also lauded Pats strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik.

At the Herald, John Tomase has Belichick’s thoughts on his team’s first pre-season action. Guess what? Some good, some bad. A lot to work on. A long way to go.

Karen Guregian has a look at what we might have learned about Adalius Thomas on Friday night, and what the rest of the AFC competition might not have learned about the Patriots. Guregian and Tomase team up on a notebook, and look again at rookie Justin Rogers, who took full advantage of his chance to be noticed.

Shalise Manza Young of the ProJo says rookie class is in session, especially for Oscar Lua, who is job shadowing Tedy Bruschi while trying to find something he can be good at.

David Heuschkel of the Hartford Courant runs through more Belichick thoughts from yesterday’s conference call with the media.

You know, I’ve always thought that ‘Bend it like Beckham’ sounded sort of dirty. Yet this smut peddler is welcomed at Gillette Stadium today, which means you won’t be. Tomorrow’s practice sessions will be among the final ones open to fans this year, as the team concludes training camp while looking ahead to the pre-season home opener with the Titans (bastards) on Friday night.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. You’ve made a wise choice to stay inside and focus on the Internet. Fresh air and physical activity is completely overrated. You are obviously an erudite individual. Please, share with us your secret.


  1. That Washington story struck me as odd. Throughout the piece you have Washington downplaying it, basically saying, “This isn’t much of a story,” yet Gaspar stretches a two-catch night into a feature. Gaspar hyperbolized a bit:

    “Cassel fired a curl route to Washington, who hauled it in, stopped on a dime, and turned upfield, leaving Barber in his wake for a 12-yard gain. It was an eye-opening play from a receiver many have predetermined will have to turn in his playbook at the end of training camp.”

    I mean, it was a nice play, but come on.

    Then there was this part:

    “The role of Washington, who has career totals of 72 catches for 893 yards and nine touchdowns in 44 games, changed when the Patriots pulled off a draft-day deal for Moss. There probably wasn’t room on the roster for two freakishly athletic but injury-prone wideouts, not with Wes Welker and Stallworth joining the fray, plus the return of playoff starters Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney, and Troy Brown’s decision to postpone retirement.”

    When did Moss become injury-prone? I had to read it twice to make sure I was reading it right.

    Gaspar sounded a little Cafardoish on this piece.

  2. I guess I’m supposed to stay in the house on this beautiful day and watch the Red Sox because as you know it’s ALL ABOUT THE SOX around these parts. At least that’s what Dan Shaugnessey, Steve Buckley and various WEEI personality’s keep telling me.

  3. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    My secret is to just smile and not think too much. I call it the Zen of Randy Cross.

    Because I’ve been practicing this secret, I haven’t checked the papers yet and, because it’s football season, it leads me to this obvious question. Have the Boston sports media released any new information on which ex-Red Sox are OK to boo, and which ones we shouldn’t? I can’t make this decision alone! If I pass Kevin Millar or Dick Drago, say, on the street, what should I do? Buckley? Shaughnessy? Anyone?

  4. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    OK, so much for the Zen of Randy Cross. Now I’m rip-shiznit! I’ve been doing chores while watching EA Sports’ “Who’s Got Game?” on Channel 4 where they run down the skills of various players. And, with apologies to the great Warner Wolf, if you took “The Patriots and their players finally get their due” — you LOST!! Sure, they gave a nod to Brady, and a half-nod to Rodney’s tenacity before ignoring him altogether in the list of feared d-backs, but that was pretty much it. A couple of quick mentions of Bruschi and Junior (though nothing about Tedy’s tenacity — I guess coming back from a stroke is pretty much small potatoes to these geniuses) was the closest the show came to showing the Patriots any respect. Yeah, Rodney, if you’re reading this, THEY AREN’T RESPECTING YOU!

    How many more carcasses of Patriots victims must litter the gridiron before NFL analysts show the Patriots the obeisance they so richly deserve??

  5. CopyCatFish says:

    The key is not showering and heading straight for the computer first thing in the morning. You can avoid household chores and labor intensive tasks provided you remain in yesterday’s underwear, once you’ve freshened up your junk all bets are off.

  6. HopkintonPatsFan says:

    Great point Dan. Washington has been in the league 4 years, and in Pats camp for a couple of weeks – but throw it all out b/c he gained 12 yards on a curl route in PS game #1!

    It didn’t hurt, but I suspect BB and co aren’t going to revise their opinion of the guy based on one play.

  7. LMAO James…”which Red Sox are O.K. to boo”…ha, ha, ha,…very good sir, very good…actually, I think the authority on this subject is Sean MacAdam, who I thought was going to cry when Damon got booed

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