October 19, 2017

The Most Miserable 18-1 Season in History

By Bruce Allen [email protected] Let me first start by saying that this column was going to be written even if the Patriots had won on Sunday night. The only difference is that the column would've been entitled "The Most Miserable Perfect Season in History." On the field, this Patriots team was a fan's dream. They were talented, charismatic and had an obvious flair for the dramatic. … [Read More...]

Patriots go for glory in Superbowl XLIX

It’s the culmination of the football calendar and one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The eyes of the planet will be on Arizona on 1 February as the Patriots take on reigning champions Seattle Seahawks. In any Superbowl match-up, the stakes are huge. But this time round, it is a chance for the Patriots and in particular coach Bill Belichick and quarter-back Tom Brady to write their … [Read More...]

Interview With Lesley Visser

This column originally appeared in the November 25th, 2009 issue of Patriots Football Weekly. Visser no stranger to Pats success By Bruce Allen "Hi, I'm Lesley Visser, I know Will McDonough." With those eight words, Lesley Visser, the longtime CBS sportscaster voted this past summer as the No. 1 Female Sportscaster of All-Time, would approach players, coaches and officials during her first … [Read More...]

Interview With Jason La Canfora

This column originally appeared in the July 29, 2009 edition of Patriots Football Weekly. La Canfora is now with CBS Sports. La Canfora Hits The Ground Running At NFL Network By Bruce Allen Since the NFL Network was launched in 2003, viewers have become accustomed to seeing and hearing from the well-connected and enthusiastic Adam Schefter, who seemed synonymous with the network. … [Read More...]

Interview With Fran Charles

This column originally appeared in the December 22nd 2010 issue of Patriots Football Weekly. Charles Admiring Pats From Afar By Bruce Allen On Sunday evenings, when you flip over to the NFL Network for a recap of the day’s games around the NFL, you’re greeted by a panel of former players Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin and former NFL coach Steve Mariucci, who weigh in on each game and on how … [Read More...]

Interview With Mike Freeman

This article originally appeared in the September 29th, 2010 issue of Patriots Football Weekly. CBSSports.com's Freeman Tweets It Like It Is By Bruce Allen Ask a Patriots fan who they like as a national sports columnist, and I don’t think Mike Freeman would be near the top of that list. Come to think of it, I really don’t know who that honor would go to, but I do know it would not be … [Read More...]

Interview With Michael Silver

This column originally appeared in the September 24, 2007 issue of Patriots Football Weekly.  Silver carving a new niche at Yahoo! By Bruce Allen If you've read Sports Illustrated over the last 13 years, you've likely read a feature by Michael Silver, the Californian sports writer who this season has found himself a weekly guest on WBCN's "Sylvania Patriots Pregame Show." Silver, who in … [Read More...]

Patriots Buffet Table, Super Bowl Edition, Patriots vs Giants

by Patriots Daily Kitchen Staff Another Super Bowl? The fifth in 11 years? Darkest days Best days of the franchise indeed. They're more enjoyable too without a 18-0 record hanging over them. What to eat? In the idea of dance with what got you there, we're turning foods from throughout the season into sliders - perfect party food We made Pretzels for the Eagles game, and reused the … [Read More...]

Pats Pregame Points: Insufferable Super Bowl Hype, Week Two

By Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff So, it all comes down to this. One game out of hundreds this season to determine who holds aloft the Lombardi Trophy. Should we have a bigger run-up to this contest? Is the magnitude sufficiently stated, or should we spend another week prepping? No? Okay, then. Off we go… Other Than That, How Was 2007? No matter what, at least this can’t become a … [Read More...]

Pats Pregame Points: Before the Big Game, Week One

By Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff That’s one way to make it to Indianapolis. Relying on their defense to overcome an uncharacteristic performance from Tom Brady, New England held on for a 23-20 stomach-cramp win. With two weeks until the big game, this column will be more devoted to the AFC Championship than to Destiny in Indy (which may or may not be the title of an adult film). So put … [Read More...]