September 21, 2017

Monday Update

by Scott Bensonnewslogo
[email protected]

The first weekend of training camp is now behind the Patriots, and the morning papers have the full account. Don’t forget you can always hit our own if you’re into handy one-stop shopping for all the news. We’re about the customer service here, people.

Tom Brady, International Man of Mystery, spoke to the assembled media for the first time yesterday. Guess what they talked about? Sorry, Steve Buckley, but when I saw you drew a parallel between the impending birth of Brady’s first child to the NFL’s decision to play the weekend of President Kennedy’s funeral, I just laughed.

I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies. I found myself more comfortable with Brady’s predictably optimistic camp chatter about his new crew of receivers. One of his old ones, second year Patriot Jabar Gaffney, raked up some ink with a couple of sharp weekend performances.

Brady also mentioned that he’s put himself on a pitch count in the season’s earliest days to avoid a dead arm later in the season, a trick Mike Reiss says he may have learned from old pal – and current Super Bowl champ – Peyton Manning. My mind instantly went to some tired looking ducks I saw in last week’s replay of the San Diego playoff game on NFL Network.

In other baby news, apparently Rodney Harrison recently became the father of a 23 year old first round draft pick. At least that’s what Brandon Meriweather says. Meriweather is getting some early work at cornerback in the wake of the injury to Chad Scott and the continuing holdout of Asante Samuel, offering some hope for the Pats secondary, which naturally became the first position hit by injury just hours into the season.

Tedy Bruschi and Mike Vrabel also talked about, well, being old. This is the kind of stuff that can make camp pretty boring pretty quick. The good news is the first pre-season game – a Friday night trip to Tampa on August 10th – is just two weeks away.

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  1. Tom Brady needs a life plan, not a game plan.

  2. Matt Cassel will be passing out most of the cigars when the blessed event occurs. Tired arm, you know.

  3. If Dr. Charles worked for the Pats, this thing would have been turned into a NESN series months ago. “Ex Girlfriend & Me & Love Child Makes Three”

    But forget all that. Is this the place for hot stove Celtics talk or did I misdial?

  4. I think I’d prefer ‘My Two Moms’.

  5. I taught Brady how to parent with dignity and then he stole my job.

  6. Perhaps he took your ‘screw that, just sling it’ admonition a little too literally, Drew. Conveniently, we can now blame you for that too.

  7. Check out this Patriots preview:

    Kevan Lee is one of our best writers and has requested that we get in touch with you guys. He has been doing NFL season previews for each team in the league, and as the Patriots are his favorite team I promised that I would do everything I could to spread his preview throughout their blog network.

    Thank you,

    Alexander Freund
    Community Director
    Bleacher Report Team

  8. I had 6 different Sex Ed teachers in high school, it’s not my fault, Zampese arrives and you expect me to just change to a system based on complicated timing patterns? I couldn’t just switch from pro-style to a rythym method without a few mistakes along the way?

    Sure I had a good tight end, but they never got me that big wide receiver I needed, or anyone to help pound it up the middle.

  9. Oh, Drew….

    Somewhere out there Kevan Lee is wondering why he insisted that Alexander contact us.

    BTW, thanks for the heads up Alexander. We’ll keep an eye out for Kevan’s stuff.

    Hey – funny we should hear from a guy named ‘Kevan’ while we were talking about Drew. It’s like rain on your wedding day…..I think.

  10. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    I just read about this site on I think I’m going to .com in my pants.

    Gross … anyway, I look forward to adding this to my list of sites that keep me from getting any work done. Thanks!

  11. Now I have the theme from The Rockford Files stuck in my head. Damn Mike Post!

    Welcome JGIG, and thanks again to Kerry and the esteemed CHFF gang for the pimpin’.

  12. If you knew what I know, you wouldn’t be so excited for this website, Maverick.

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