November 18, 2017

Patriots 2010 Preseason Television Network

By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

Note for the 2011 version of this go to this page.

For those of you across New England, or in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada, here is the listing of TV stations that will carry tonight’s preseason opener against the New Orleans Saints.

Note: For those of you who are not in the New England area, or who miss the broadcast tonight – see notes below, apparently some stations may change the arrangements – the game will be rebroadcast on the NFL Network at 11:00 EDT.

Massachusetts: Boston – WBZ-TV Channel 4, Springfield – WWLp-TV Channel 22.

New Hampshire: Manchester – WMUR-TV Channel 9.

Rhode Island: Providence – WNAC-TV Channel 64. (Reader note: In RI, the Pats/Saints got moved from WNAC (64) to their digital channel MyRI TV, which is 64-2 because of the So You Think You Can Dance finale.  That channel is also carried on Cox, Comcast, Full Channel and Verizon in RI. If you have Satellite, you’re out of luck.)

Maine: Portland – WMTW-TV Channel 8, Bangor – WVII-TV Channel 7.

Connecticut: Hartford – WCTX-TV Channel 59. Also see Chris Warner’s note in the comments below.

Vermont: Burlington – WVNY-TV Channel 22.

Hawaii: Honolulu KHNL-TV Channel 9.

Alaska: Anchorage KIMO-TV Channel 13.

Canada: (Quebec/Maritimes): Rogers Sports Net East.

Once again, the duo of Don Criqui and Randy Cross will call the games. Tonight’s game starts at 7:30pm EDT.


  1. Chris Warner says:

    Bruce, for those in SW Conn who can’t get Hartford, there’s My TV 9 (Ch. 24 on Cablevision). The DVR is good to go!

  2. SW Connecticut, AT&T Uverse, WCTX is channel 11 or 12.

  3. WVII-channel 7 in Maine is not broadcasting due to another channel broadcasting??? i guess i’d like to know what that other channel is because it is nowhere to be found. quite upset.

    • nevermind they fixed it….3/4 of the way through the first quarter. i just missed the first td of the year. networks need to get with the program and have these things ironed out before kickoff.

  4. Aaron Brothers says:

    I’m new to CT. (Seymour) and am a lifelong Pats fan. What channel(s) are the Pats on (Comcast)? Or am I too deep in Jets (yuk) territory? I REALLY don’t want to have to get a satellite or go to a bar to see my beloved 3 time World Champion New England Patriots!! Thanks for the help!

    • Bruce Allen says:

      I have a feeling you’re going to be too deep in CT to get most Patriots games. You’ll get ones that are the national games, unless the Jets/Giants are playing at the same time.

      You should go to this site on a weekly basis to see what games are going to be shown where you are. They provide great maps that show exactly where the games are being shown.

  5. Aaron Brothers says:

    I meant for regular season games. Thanks!

  6. Hi – I’m planning a move to the Norwich area, will I still get to see the Pats on local television or do they show the Jets/Giants there?

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