September 24, 2017

Positional Previews – Tight Ends

By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

Talk about position turnover. The Patriots motto at tight end this offseason was “Out with 2009, In with 2010.” Gone are last year’s tight ends Benjamin Watson and Chris Baker, and in are veteran Alge Crumpler and rookies Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

Rob Gronkowski - Can He Stay Healthy?

It’s a little difficult, in fact, to analyze this position as we have yet to see any of them suit up for the Patriots.

Alge Crumpler

Entering his 10th NFL season, Crumpler has undergone a transformation in his career from pass-catching tight end to blocking tight end. This has coincided with his already huge frame getting even bigger. This offseason, Crumpler has reported rededicated himself to conditioning  and is set to report in the (wait for it…) “best shape of his career.” We’ll see about that. Crumpler was the best of a very limited free agent crop at the position, and figures to be a short term solution while the Patriots train up the rookies. Crumpler is said to be a good mentor and locker room presence, so hopefully that smooths the transition.

Rob Gronkowski

He likely had some fans cringing with his antics after the Patriots drafted him, and his health history is a notable cause for concern. Still, he was too big of a talent to let get by in the second round, and his potential both as a receiver and blocker is huge. He’s got the size (6-6, 265) to be force. Keeping him healthy is a concern, as it’s never comforting when a guy his size has to miss an entire season with back surgery.

Aaron Hernandez

Hey, did you know Hernandez failed MULTIPLE drug tests in college, but Florida only reported one? We heard that about a million times from a certain Globe reporter this spring. Hopefully Hernandez has put his recreational drug use behind him and begun focusing on using his considerable talents in the Patriots offense. An accomplished pass-catcher, Hernandez could step in and play a big role in this offense immediately. During the spring camps, the Patriots had him all over the field, using him in a variety of ways.

Rob Myers

Perhaps the most noteworthy thing we can say about Myers, who was signed to the practice squad last November, is that he’s been assigned Troy Brown’s #80. That doesn’t to bode well.


There was plenty of outcry early in the free agent period when the Patriots had only practice squad tight ends under contract. Since the additions of the top three above, things have quieted down, and now there is even a bit of anticipation over the potential of the position. There is speculation that with the occasionally stone-handed Ben Watson out of town that Tom Brady might actually look to the tights ends more often this season. Stop me if this sounds familiar, but the Patriots are relying on young players here, and need them to come though. If they can, Gronkowski and Hernandez could be a formidable duo for seasons to come.


  1. Classless says:

    What were Gronkowski’s antics? I must have missed that story.

    • Eh – non issue. I’m sure it’s on Youtube somewhere. Instead of wearing a cap, he wore a helmet and stayed on the stage celebrating with his family like he won the superbowl. It was larger then life – which is supposed to be his personality.

      Some would look at it and say “get to work”, “don’t be an idiot” – other would say it’s a level of excitement and personality that the team (any team) needs. Personally, I just thought it was a reaction I would have taken had I just been drafted for the NFL.

      Just MHO

      • I hadn’t heard and don’t remember either even though I watched the draft. If that’s what he did then that’s great – a guy excited to play football for the Patriots isn’t bad at all. If a younger person doesn’t have enthusiasm then they’ll never have it but they get more mature and choose their spots better with time.

        And the one thing I kept reading about with the mini camp is that every reporter noted how huge he is and what a presence he has. Good stuff.

  2. I’d copy/paste my concerns at nearly every position here, but you have heard it already.

    Separately, my concern with the Patriots is one that seems to be a long term issue – the ability to identify Tight End talent and then integrate it into the offensive system. There seems to have been a consistent issue at the position, and at some point you have to ask, is it the players, or those coaching the players?

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