November 19, 2017

Take a Lap – Me

by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
September 29, 2009

I don’t want to be that guy. I really don’t. You know the guy – “fahking Galloway SUCKS, man…they gotta CUT his ahss.” But I am becoming that guy.

It’s been painful watching Joey Galloway try to play wide receiver for the Patriots – allegedly a field stretcher, he’s had the opposite effect.

But this is already becoming a tired subject – as ‘that guy’, I don’t even really know what I expect the Patriots to do. Yeah, they boxed themselves in all right, by choosing a receiver that hasn’t yet demonstrated that he understands his responsibilities (even though he’s been a Patriot since March 14th) or shown that he could execute them even if he did. They filled a hole (the third man in with Moss and Welker) with a void.

What do I expect them to do about it now? So really what I’m doing is howling about that choice in the first place, which is okay, but I really have to get off Joey Galloway’s ass.

I say that because I was getting ready to tee up one of my new catchphrases, “how are you in the league fifteen years and you can’t run a fucking route?” when I was reminded that Galloway has had six seasons of a thousand yards (and a couple of near misses) over the past fourteen years – and ten thousand in all. He’s been in the end zone 77 times. That’s 5 ½ a season every season for the last decade and a half. He’s been doing something right.

If all we’re seeing here is simply an old dog without enough left to learn a new trick, then Galloway shouldn’t have to listen to our shit while he – or somebody else- figures it out. So I’m heading out for a run.

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  1. Still would like to know what they saw over greg lewis who could also play specials.

  2. You’re not the only one Ben. Doesn’t it figure that Lewis would do something special as Galloway continues to struggle. The only thing I can think of is they figured they had enough people who could play special teams, and speed was the difference between Galloway and Lewis. I’m sure we’ll never know the story behind that.

  3. Bruce Allen says:

    Well, I think special teams DID factor into it. Slater got hurt, and they didn’t IR him, but knew he was going to be out for a couple weeks, and claimed Bret Lockett for special teams, they then cut Lewis to make room for Lockett.

  4. I thought Lewis was going to be a Gaffney facsimile. And I thought he’d be a lock, especially considering how long they had been pursuing him.

    As great as that catch was, it still was just his first catch of the season. He was only on the field because Harvin was winded from running several straight go routes.

  5. I think we, the fans, need to be reminded that we are watching an amazing transformation here. A team undergoing major changes in its front office and scouts, coaching staff and players, yet maintaining it’s status as one of the top teams in the league. Time and again we have seen early season struggles change to late season winning streaks. This team will get better including Joey Galloway.

  6. You know what, let’s be fair here – Lewis has had one catch with the Vikings since joining, so it’s not like we gave up a pro bowler for Galloway.

    The real question is why a 15 year receiver is making rookie mistakes. He’s putting pressure on his team with drops against the Jets and Falcons at critical moment.

    I wonder if the “issues” go beyond the field – what is his perceived work ethic. I don’t think he’s had a reputation as a lazy player, ever in his career, but is he doing enough to lose himself in the Patriot system?

    The scowl (I’ll call it) Brady had on the sideline towards (I assume) the receivers that didn’t convert on the goal line looked like it went beyond those two individual plays – like it was a pent up frustration.

    I also think it was telling that, in the second half, when the game was in the balance, Brady went to Moss – it just looks like he feels he can’t trust the other WR’s when crunch time comes.

    What do you guys think? Am I off base on my sentiments?


    • I think it’s possible Galloway doesn’t work as hard as he should. Being a 15 year vet with a superbowl ring might give him a sense of entitlement, as in, “why should I study and re-study this playbook? I’ll just go do my thing. It’s worked my whole career” attitude.

      I think it’s also a near FACT that Galloway’s skills simply are diminished to the point where he’s ineffective. It’ll be easy to see who is right among the pro and con Galloway camps in the upcoming weeks. If he continues to kill them with mistakes and Brady simply declines to throw to him, he’s cut.

  7. patsfaninpittsburgh says:

    Galloway is a verticle guy. The 20 yard catch against the Redskins (Moss covered with safety help) is how I perceive the way to best utilize him. Dieon Sanders also alluded to this fact on Sunday.

    My guess would be Welker short, Moss running more intermediate routes, and Galloway more verticle or drawing coverage to allow Moss to have single coverage.

    With that said, at crunch time, Brady should go to Moss. He is the best receiver.

    I would also point out that 2007 was a huge anomaly. In the NFL, it usually takes 3 years for a passing attack to gel. Expecting a QB who hasn’t played in 80 weeks to automatically click with new receivers isn’t that realistic.

  8. what the hell do I know? but I’ll give it a shot…….. Galloway has always been a speed guy, In the Patriots system the wide outs are called upon to read defenses. Even though Galloway has been in the NFL for 15 years I don’t think he’s had to read defenses before or at least not as much as the Patriots ask………For Galloway’s whole career it was, run your route,use your speed and beat the db. This seems to be a new thing for him…….

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