October 19, 2017

Today In Patriots History – Gillette Stadium becomes…Gillette Stadium

Today in Patriots History – August 5th, 2002, from Patriots.com:

The Gillette Company and The Kraft Group announced a 15-year agreement that gives Gillette exclusive naming rights to the home stadium and sports complex of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution. Under the agreement, “Gillette Stadium” now replaces “CMGI Field” as the exclusive name of the new stadium.

I actually got a walk-through of the Stadium when it was still “CMGI Field” and have a plastic cup to prove it. It’s going to be worth big bucks someday!


  1. Josh T. Arlington, VA says:

    Yeah, I was wondering about that. Went back and listened to some old PFW In Progress episodes where they were referring to it as CMGI Field. It was back in 2000 I think when it was still just being built in the beggining stages.

  2. That was back when Pats’ fans on Usenet were trying to think of
    a good acronym to explain what “CMGI” stood for. The one we
    settled on was “Causcasian Males Getting Intoxicated”.

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