September 25, 2017

Leary, Clarke Ruin Belichick Interview

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick appeared on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning show, which could’ve been a good chance to hear Belichick outside of the local media. Many times in these occasions, Belichick opens up a little more than he does in his press conferences at Gillette Stadium.

However, on this occasion, Mike Golic was out and Denis Leary and Lenny Clarke were on the show with Mike Greenberg. The “comedians” were horrible. Just horrible. This clip below doesn’t even include Clarke screaming about Julian Edelman being Jewish. (If you really want to hear to it, the entire clip can be heard here.)

Belichick does touch on Tom Brady’s return, has some nice things to say about Edelman, and weighs in on how a player coming as late into camp as Brett Favre is can impact the player and team.


  1. Didn’t Clarke do that “he’s Jewish” bit with Youkilis a few years ago. And Leary was involved too. Time to come up with some new material for the first time since the 70’s Lenny.

  2. Bruce Allen says:

    Oh, he brought up Youkilis this time too. HE’S JEWISH JUST LIKE YOOOOOUUKK!!!!


  3. Mike Smith says:

    The only reason he was on the ESPN interview was because of Lenny Clarke.

  4. I happened to catch that, it was awful… Mike Greenburg tried desperately to redirect the conversation…

  5. Lenny must have had a hell of fun time working in Hollywood. Bet that gag never got old.

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