September 25, 2017

Brady okay but sidelined until opener?

by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
August 29, 2009

Competing blog posts tonight say Tom Brady is not seriously hurt but will be held from this Thursday’s final preseason game with the Giants.

Chris Gasper, Mike Reiss and Ian Rapoport went at all angles of the injury today, from Reiss’s detailed breakdown of the play to Belichick’s typically evasive conference call to Rapoport goofy Encyclopedia Britannica clip art and link to comments from Neal ElAttrache. Then, the competing – but complimentary – entries tonight.

It’s good news. I think. Who knows, until he’s throwing with no problem? Hopefully, he’ll be doing just that a week from Wednesday at the latest.

Then we can go back to fretting about his knee.

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  1. This is just Patriots smokescreens and propaganda to its finest. Belichick is a master of deception!

  2. Ran into our own Greg Doyle on the BSMW board and he had a series of tweets from CBS’s Pete Prisco:

    Belichick drives me nuts with riddle-speak about Brady’s injury. Say something dammit. There isn’t a game that matters for real this week.

    You know, that’s a good point. There’s not a game that matters for at least TWO weeks. Let’s see the x-rays and while you’re at it, the rest of the files.

    Just say something definitive. You know what it is. The fans have a right to know. They’re the reason he can afford all the things he can.

    Ah, the fans. Pete is all about representing us. Try shooting this guy an e-mail about something he’s written, and you’ll see just how much he values the fans. Understand this – guys like this will start railing about “the fans” if they don’t have pastrami at the free media buffet.

    If not for the fans, Belichick and his bretheran would be teaching PE in high school and coaching 170-pound kids. Oh, the arrogance.

    Um, Pete…if Belichick would be a PE teacher, what would that make you? Aren’t you just a guy who follows him around with a notebook?

    Say something, dammit

    Okay, I’ll say something. If you’re going to be an entitled prick, and think the sea owes you a parting, don’t drag us into it. We’re fine with this – you’re the one with the problem.

  3. Expected. As soon as I saw the Haynesworth hit and its immediate aftermath, my feeling was – especially considering that TB and Randy Moss were indeed back in 2007 form – that it would be good to let that shoulder rest for the next 16 days.

    Still, can someone tell me what to do about my recurring nightmares about the offensive line having to deal with every opposing defensive line trying to emulate the D-Line of the ’07 Giants for (hopefully) 19 games?

    Belichick’s evasiveness bothers me not a whit. It’s not about this being preseason and the games not counting – it’s about precedent and policy. He doesn’t give up injury information now because he never gives up injury information – it’s just part of the BB package.

    Now I’m hearing that the Pats have released Kevin O’Connell. I’m interested in what that means vis-a-vis the quarterback depth chart. I mean, not that they’ll actually need a quarterback depth chart. 🙂

  4. Boston Dan says:

    Not just fine with it, I enjoy it. Even more so when opposing fans and/or reporters of any kind, whine about it.

  5. Blastor138 says:

    People are still complaining that BB is evasive and doesn’t answer questions directly? BB’s the HC of the NE Patriots for how long now? You should know what to expect by now.

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