September 20, 2017

50th Anniversary and All Decade Teams Announced

As part of the 50 Anniversary of the AFL and the Patriots, the Patriots Hall of Fame nomination committee has selected four All-Decade teams, as well as a 50th Anniversary team. During  the season opener on Monday, September 14th against the Buffalo Bills, the Patriots will honor the 50th Anniversary team during a halftime ceremony. I’m mildly surrprised to see Logan Mankins named as the guard on the 50th anniversary team, alongside John Hannah, seeing as how Mankins has only played four seasons, but who were the alternatives? Are there any other changes you would make on this team, or the All-Decade teams?

50th Anniversary Team

OT Bruce Armstrong
OT Matt Light
G John Hannah
G Logan Mankins
C Jon Morris
TE Ben Coates
WR Stanley Morgan
WR Troy Brown
WR Irving Fryar
QB Tom Brady
RB Jim Nance
RB Sam Cunningham
DE Julius Adams
DE Richard Seymour
DT Houston Antwine
DT Vince Wilfork
OLB Andre Tippett
OLB Mike Vrabel
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Nick Buoniconti
CB Mike Haynes
CB Ty Law
S Fred Marion
S Rodney Harrison
K Adam Vinatieri
P Rich Camarillo
SPT Mosi Tatupu
WR/K Gino Cappelletti

Bill Belichick

All-Decade Teams


OT Charlie Long
OT Tom Neville
G Billy Neighbors
G Lennie St. Jean
C Jon Morris
TE Jim Whalen
WR Jim Colclough
WR Art Graham
QB Vito “Babe” Parilli
RB Larry Garron
RB Jim Nance
DE Bob Dee
DE Larry Eisenhauer
DT Houston Antwine
DT Jim Lee Hunt
OLB Tom Addison
OLB Ed Philpott
MLB Nick Buoniconti
CB Chuck Shonta
CB Daryl Johnson
S Don Webb
S Ron Hall
K Gino Cappelletti
P Tom Yewcic
Ret Larry Garron
SpT Don Webb

HC Mike Holovak


OT Leon Gray
OT Tom Neville
G John Hannah
G Sam Adams
C Bill Lenkaitis
TE Russ Francis
WR Stanley Morgan
WR Randy Vataha
QB Steve Grogan
RB Sam Cunningham
RB Andy Johnson
DE Julius Adams
DE Tony McGee
NT Ray Hamilton
OLB Steve Zabel
OLB Steve King
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Sam Hunt
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Mike Haynes
S Tim Fox
S Prentice McCray
K John Smith
P Mike Patrick
Ret Mack Herron
SpT Mosi Tatupu

HC Chuck Fairbanks


OT Bruce Armstrong
OT Brian Holloway
G John Hannah
G Ron Wooten
C Pete Brock
TE Lin Dawson
WR Irving Fryar
WR Stanley Morgan
QB Steve Grogan
RB Tony Collins
RB Craig James
DE Julius Adams
DE Garin Veris
NT Richard Bishop
OLB Andre Tippett
OLB Don Blackmon
ILB Steve Nelson
ILB Johnny Rembert
CB Raymond Clayborn
CB Ronnie Lippett
S Roland James
S Fred Marion
K Tony Franklin
P Rich Camarillo
Ret Irving Fryar
SpT Mosi Tatupu

HC Raymond Berry


OT Bruce Armstrong
OT Pat Harlow
G Todd Rucci
G Max Lane
C Dave Wohlabaugh
TE Ben Coates
WR Terry Glenn
WR Shawn Jefferson
QB Drew Bledsoe
RB Curtis Martin
RB Leonard Russell
DE Willie McGinest
DE Brent Williams
NT Tim Goad
OLB Andre Tippett
OLB Chris Slade
ILB Vincent Brown
ILB Ted Johnson
CB Maurice Hurst
CB Ty Law
S Willie Clay
S Lawyer Milloy
K Adam Vinatieri
P Tom Tupa
Ret Dave Meggett
SpT Larry Whigham

HC Bill Parcells


  1. No Tedy Bruschi at MLB for either the all-time or 1990’s team? Odd. I love Nellie but I’d have to put vintage 2004 Tedy in over him at that spot. It’s hard to argue with a pass rush of Tippet on one side and Vrabel on the other though!

  2. Nopointe says:

    Our offensive line really sucked in the 90s

  3. To put Max Lane on any all time team is really an insult to anybody who ever saw the guy play. Max did more to hurt the Patriots in the Super Bowl vs Green Bay than anybody else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone look so bad in a game. Except for lane in countless games prior.( Bill Parcells wouldn’t go to the shotgun so you can’t blame Lane entirely. )

    One game aside: He must have done something right, but I don’t know if I ever saw it. I absolutely never watch lineman, but always did when he played because he was that out of fucking place. You could have travelled to any high school in New England at the time and found a lineman who could have competed with Max for a atarting spot. Max Lane sucked!

    Max Lane really sucked. ” He started in the NFL.” This can be said for Max as it can be said that no “bum” ever becomes a professional athlete.

    Somebody must have had to justify his place on the team each year when he survived the cuts. Who was this person?

  4. Now I feel bad. Apparently the Patriots took off the ” Chip ” manuver in order to get Ben Coates down the field to catch passes more quickly. This did more to aid Reggie White than the coaches or Lane thought it might.

    Lane is still not an all decade player on any team.

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