September 22, 2017

You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

Sorry, couldn’t resist, we’re new to this “winning blog awards” thing. Give us time, I’m sure we’ll get the proper decorum down.

Ahem. We’re pleased to announce that Patriots Daily has been named as the Best Patriots Blog in the New England’s Sports Blog Awards put on by TruFan.

Unfortunately the prize for this honor isn’t quite enough for us to retire on, so we have no choice but to keep plugging along and blogging about the Patriots.

Still, as our first Award of any sort, it’s pretty cool. Thanks to any of you who voted for us in these awards, we appreciate your support, and look forward to another exciting season.

– The Patriots Daily Staff


  1. kudos for the achievement. always best to savor the good times. any award qualifies. spin that Girlie Girlie song (it’s great) a few times and dance.

  2. Terry Fields says:

    So humble, Scott, but then you have a lot to be humble about. Just kidding. We love you all.


  3. I just want to make clear that if Bruce was Sally Field, I was Marlon Brando. Same waistline, same no-show at the ceremony.

  4. Seriously, thanks to everybody who voted for us. I remained confused as to what this thing is, but the support really means a lot.

    Also, on behalf of all the writers, thanks to Bruce for everything.

  5. Chris Warner says:

    I’m going to have a difficult time dealing with the paparazzi. Leave me in peace, you jackals!

    Seriously, though, many thanks to Scott and Bruce and everyone for the opportunity to be a part of PD, hereafter known as THE AWARD-WINNING PATRIOTS DAILY BLOG.

  6. So this award would be called the “NESBA”, n’est-ce pas?

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