November 19, 2017

Mock Across America

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

The gang over at No Logo Needed, a Cleveland Browns blog, has asked your humble PD correspondents to participate in their mock draft, which will call on NFL fan bloggers across the nation to represent the league’s 32 teams

God help us. In a miraculous stroke of luck, we’ve been assigned our own New England Patriots at selection #23.

The draft actually started last Friday, and here are the first six picks:

  1. Detroit – Matthew Stafford, QB (pick made by The Wayne Fontes Experience)
  2. St. Louis – Eugene Monroe, OT (autopick; apparently no one bothers to blog the Rams)
  3. Kansas City – Aaron Curry, LB (pick made by the KC Chiefs News)
  4. Seattle – Michael Crabtree, WR (pick made by Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard)
  5. Cleveland – Rey Maualuga, LB (pick made by No Logo Needed)
  6. Cincinnati – Jason Smith, OT (pick made by Bengal Stripes)

We’ll be cooling our heels for a bit here – each team has 24 hours to make their selection, and follow up with a short bit explaining the pick. If you’d like, you can follow along through any of the above links. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the proceedings and report back on the progress every so often.

If you have suggestions on who ought to be on the PD Big Board for the Pats at #23, let ’em fly below.


  1. the rest of the picks won't live up to 'no one blogs about the Rams'

  2. I wonder what happened to all those tinfoil hat bloggers with their 9/11-Super Bowl conspiracy theories. They can't make one pick?

  3. Most people will focus on LB or CB but I still thing RT is the most important need so I kind of think we should take a close look at Eben Britton.

  4. I'd have to know that right tackle was a temporary stop before moving to the left side permanently. That makes more sense to me. Given the superiority of their offense in relation to their defense at this point, and how ultimately their defense is what will determine their ceiling next fall, PLUS the strength of the current draft stock, I can't see using that pick on the right tackle. If they were going offense there, they might think about receiver. I do agree with one thing though – if the best player on the board for them happens to be a offensive lineman, they should say the hell with guys like me and take him. Worked out pretty good with Mankins. I'd just want to see whoever they took end up next to Mankins on the left side.

  5. A trade up to the Broncos spot at #12 (Pats #23 and a their last 2nd rounder) to catch a free-falling Andre Smith from Alabama. Smith has #1 overall talent, and his character issues seem a bit overblown.

  6. Was there ever anything more on the rumor that Saban gave Smith a lousy recommendation to NFL orgs recently?

  7. If I allowed myself to think like anti-Pats conspiracy freaks do, I'd say that Saban made those comments to get teams scared away from the kid so his old buddy Belichick could find him later in the draft.

    Thinking like a normal fan, I'd wonder about a coach like Saban saying anything overly negative about a blue chip talent like Smith. You could see him having to deal with that while recruiting, since fellow SEC coaches (like Lane Kiffin) would tell every blue chipper considering Alabama that Saban will diss you (and cost you big time money) if you leave early or don't do what he says.

  8. Yeah, Smith is certainly a Patriots type player, eh? Two huge events to convince a team to pay him millions and he blows both chances. I'm sure Belichick is infatuated with him – just like Mayo last year.

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