October 19, 2017

Mock Across America Update

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

picAs we told you recently, the gang over at No Logo Needed, a Cleveland Browns blog, has asked your humble PD correspondents to participate in their mock draft, which will call on NFL fan bloggers across the nation to represent the league’s 32 teams.  Naturally, we’ll be representing the Patriots.

We’ll be on the clock soon, and we’d like your help. Here’s the mock draft so far:

  1. Detroit – Matthew Stafford, QB (pick made by The Wayne Fontes Experience)
  2. St. Louis – Eugene Monroe, OT (autopick; apparently no one bothers to blog the Rams)
  3. Kansas City – Aaron Curry, LB (pick made by the KC Chiefs News)
  4. Seattle – Michael Crabtree, WR (pick made by Dave Krieg’s Strike Beard)
  5. Cleveland – Rey Maualuga, LB (pick made by No Logo Needed)
  6. Cincinnati – Jason Smith, OT (pick made by Bengal Stripes)
  7. Oakland – Jeremy Maclin, WR (pick made by Silver and Black Pride)
  8. Jacksonville – B.J. Raji, DT (another autopick, because like the Rams, the Jaguars have no fans to speak of).
  9. Green Bay – Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB (pick made by Lombardi Ave.)
  10. San Francisco – Everette Brown, DE (pick made by Niners Nation)
  11. Buffalo – Clay Matthews, OLB (pick made by Buffalo Rumblings)
  12. Denver – Malcolm Jenkins, CB (pick made by Mile High Report)
  13. Washington – Andre Smith, OT (pick made by The Curly R)
  14. New Orleans – Brian Cushing, OLB (pick made by Canal Street Chronicles)
  15. Houston – Michael Oher, OT (pick made by the Houston Die Hards)
  16. San Diego – Eben Britton, OT (pick made by Bolt Hype)
  17. New York Jets – Tyson Jackson, DE (pick made by The Jets Blog)
  18. Chicago – Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR (pick made by Blog Down Chicago Bears)
  19. Tampa Bay – Percy Harvin, WR (pick made by Buc ‘Em)
  20. Detroit – Aaron Maybin, DE (pick made by The Wayne Fontes Experience)
  21. Philadelphia – Vonte Davis, CB (pick made by Iggles Blog)
  22. Minnesota – On the clock.
  23. New England – On deck circle.

 So, what do we do with this pick? Here’s a short list of possible considerations, in no particular order:

  • James Lauriniatis, ILB, Ohio State
  • Larry English, DE-OLB, Northern Illinois
  • Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest
  • William Beatty, OT, Connecticut
  • Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
  • Robert Ayers, DE, Tennessee
  • Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia Tech
  • Sean Smith, CB, Utah
  • Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut
  • Connor Barwin, DE-OLB, Cincinnati

 Text your votes in now! And by ‘texting’, I mean add a comment below, or forever hold your peace.


  1. Mr. Miyagi says:

    seems likely that english could still be there at 34, which makes smith the pick – his 2 position ability seems most appealing. I like Barwin, but don't think he's worth the first round cash…

  2. Nopointe says:

    Considerations? Funk that, just sling it

    pick the fat guy from Alabama

  3. I tweet Alphonso Smith.

  4. patriotscpfc says:

    Connor Barwin

  5. Beatty

  6. TallyWhacker says:


  7. Lauranaitis says:


  8. AssNuggets says:

    Which Smith

  9. Gees, I hope the real draft doesnt go like this. Not much left. I know I dont want another slow, overated OSU limnnebacker in the KatzenCarpHawk tradition. Make a trade!

  10. stuck-in-yankee-land says:

    Beatty, Johnson, or Barwin

  11. Dutch Rudder says:

    I like MIchael Johnson, but I hear bad things about him, so I would have to say Beatty. He's the best tackle available.

  12. FurBurger says:

    No Laurenaitis, that's fo sure.

  13. MyNutsInYourFace says:

    Mark Sanchez, baby!

  14. Have to protect the franchise better – Beatty it is by default.

  15. dukedog licksballs says:

    I Agree. Beatty

  16. Connor BarWIN.

  17. Boy, Scott, Eben Britton being picked at 16 floors me. What we should do is trade up to get him. In the scenario presented here I would trade down. None of your possibilities are that tantalizing.

  18. no kidding bob. I thought you'd be disappointed with those choices at this point.

  19. Scott Benson says:

    No, but I remember when your mom gave me six hours of ass.

  20. Scott Benson says:

    Quiet choker. You guys can't even make the playoffs.

  21. My mom passed in 2004. But, you know, funny line. By all means, keep it up. You're representing your anonymous, protected self well.

  22. Scott, is that you? What's happened to you? You've gotten all… douche-y.

  23. I mean, "Scot Benson." I can't even reply to this idiot right.

  24. Anyway, I'm hoping that a few stalwart Pats fans will overlook this stuff and throw some names up on the whiteboard before we're on the clock. The list of candidates posted above was just based on what I'm seeing at the top of the mocks. If you have some other candidates please let us know. Thanks.

  25. I actually think Laurinitis is the most polished player left (we don't have much need for projects). You look at his combine numbers and they may not have the straight line speed of a Barwin, but Barwin is raw as it gets (He only has one year on defense and thats at DE). I believe that Laurinitis reminds me a lot of Poluszny (sp), where he had such a great college career, but lost a lot because he is not as imposing an athlete. But Bruschi is older and should retire after this year, and I like Guyton but would like a good rotation and possibly Laurinitis can fill that backside OLB like Colvin (similar size by the way).
    I think BB wants a smart player. I worry about his ability to rush the passer as he was not asked to do so at OSU. But as we have loaded up thisyear I think we need a polished player that can immediately contribute.
    Secondly if you want a pure rusher, put in Crable or some other guy, because at this point there seem to be incomplete players.
    Beatty is too skinny and weak for the NFL (at least as 1st rounder).

  26. Box_O_Rocks says:

    Barwin, but if you feel really frisky, try Hakeem Nicks.

  27. In this scenario, Chris Beanie Wells the RB from Ohio State falls in our lap. I say we take another chance on the top RB in the draft.

  28. All things being equal, I would lobby for a ILB. Bruschi can't start next year. And we don't have anyone else to play next to Mayo. If we can shut down the run and force teams into obvious passing situations, we have pure pass rushers to handle them.

  29. if anything, a 3 time all american projected to go in the 2nd round is underrated…you do realize what katzenmoyer accomplished in his ONE healthy sseason for the pats, dont you?

  30. Is there a legitimate knock on Laurinaitis? Seems like a good fit, but there seems to be a fair amount of resistance to him. Is this anything more than the ghost of a past Ohio St. linebacker first round flop?

  31. Chris Beanie Wells — the running back from Ohio State and top running back in the draft falls to us — take him.

  32. Laurinaitis is the only pick here that is worthy of #23. having said that, if this were actually the slip (with 4.5 'backers gone b4 23) I would expect the Pats to trade down or trade up. I would have surprised you and said Percy Harvin here if he were to slip, and go for Laurainitis in the second.

  33. Conner Barwin! A number of recent mock drafts have him being taken near the bottom of the first round, so we need to get him now


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