September 20, 2017

Pioli Now Head Chief

After weeks (years) of rumors, it appears that Scott Pioli has finally taken the leap and accepted the challenge of building a football team without Bill Belichick by his side.

ESPN is reporting that Pioli has agreed to become head of football operations for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The report also says that director of player personnel Nick Caserio will be named to replace Pioli with the Patriots.

In addition, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that special teams coach Brad Seely appears set to join Eric Mangini’s coaching staff in Cleveland.

We’ll have some more thoughts and analysis on all these departures soon…


  1. Terry Fields says:

    I will be interested in your take on this. My instincts tell me that these separations are not all that bad. In fact, it may prove to be serendipity (viz., play-calling in the Super Bowl and perhaps the end of 5' 4" CBs. — I like to put a positive spin on things).


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