September 20, 2017

ESPN: Broncos To Hire McDaniels

It appears that the Patriots have suffered their first loss of the offseason, with the news tonight reported by Chris Mortensen of ESPN that the Denver Broncos have come to an agreement with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to become their next head coach, replacing Mike Shanahan.

(Hey, can we get Shanahan to replace McDaniels as OC?)

Here’s Mortensen saying what sold the Broncos on McDaniels:

The Denver Post also has a report on the story, with the added nugget that McDaniels plans to bring Dom Capers with him. Capers, who served as special assistant/secondary coach with the Patriots this season, was something of a mystery man during his brief stay in Foxboro.


  1. Terry Fields says:

    I think this is a perfect example of the Peter Principal: Someone being elevated above what they were actually good at. And frankly, after watching his performance in last year's Super Bowl — which I strongly feel cost us the game — I wouldn't hire him to be a OC, let alone a head coach. Bring Shanahan here to be our OC and we would get much more in the exchange. Don't believe me? Watch what happens. He will be way over his head.

  2. It didn't help that the o-line could barely block a UV ray, much less the Giants' d line.

  3. Pascal del Ormo says:

    I stand corrected. That certainly is Part B of the worst day of our lives.

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