September 22, 2017

Pats Do It!

logoby Scott Benson
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The Patriots began life without Tom Brady tonight with a hard fought 19-10 upset win over the division rival Jets at the Meadowlands. 

Matt Cassel wasn’t great but he was good enough to lead the Pats on five scoring drives, featuring four Stephen Gostkowski field goals. Gostkowski’s fourth three-pointer, coming at the conclusion of a five minute, seventy yard drive, iced the game with five minutes remaining. Cassel relied on quick drops and short throws, using the Pats screen game to great effect. Kevin Faulk returned from suspension to, as usual, make all the critical plays. Wes Welker added seven catch and runs to lead the Pats.

But the Pats still left points on the field – like Cassel’s underthrow on a fourth quarter bomb to a wide open Randy Moss, which would have finished the Jets with nine minutes on the clock. Still, Cassel minimized his mistakes (no turnovers) and played well enough – on the road – to beat the team that was to be the new power in the AFC East.

Brett Favre moved the Jets at times but was never able to score on the Pats defense, who came up with a big league effort in response to the loss of Brady. Brandon Meriweather’s 3rd quarter interception set up New England’s only touchdown, a Sammy Morris leap that put them up 13-3. New York’s only touchdown came at the ten minute mark in the fourth, when they were already two scores down.

A terrific team win by the Patriots (special teams created an enormous field position advantage, thanks to Gostkowski’s booming kickoffs) and reason to believe that, for now, the Patriots can still contend for the division without their best player.

As usual, Chris Warner will have the full story tomorrow morning. Please tune in then.


  1. While it may have been a slight underthrow, the pass still hit Moss right between the numbers and should have been caught. I think it was the best Patriots regular season win since they beat the “Greatest Show on Turf” with Troy Brown in the secondary, circa 2003. Cassel played better than Brady did in both his initial game and in his first start (I watched the 2001 DVD before this afternoon’s game!). Not that I’m assuming Cassel will be better than Brady, just that if Belichick keeps him around for 4 years, he’s got to have something, and it should be enough for the Patriots.

  2. After watching today’s game, I think that I can safely say that this will be the last year for Maroney. He exudes soft better than Charmin.

  3. Agreed fellas, great team win. Solid effort by all three units. For the offense in particular, Faulk’s return was huge as it provided an alternative underneath passing option to Welker (New York shut down Moss).

  4. I’m not ready to give up on Maroney yet….BUT, LaMont Jordan did a helluva job running the ball. I think we have something there, that man runs ANGRY.

  5. Space Bandito says:

    That last sack was Awesome. Game clincher. – 20 yards. Oh and Brett Farve and the Leon Washington. Bad Ass.

  6. larry mollin says:

    bill’s decision to save lamont jordan till late in the game when he had fresh legs against sagging, tired jets D was brilliant. jordan punished them with every carry. re: #39 — we need all the backs to do jobs. but maroney needs to make more of his carries because they will be thinning.

  7. “After watching today’s game, I think that I can safely say that this will be the last year for Maroney. He exudes soft better than Charmin.”

    YES. Maroney is very frustrating. He doesn’t seem to be able to hit the hole quick enough or have the speed to get to the outside. This seemed like his last chance to have a breakout year and so far I haven’t seen a lot of promise for that.

    That Adalius sack was amazing. It’s scary how strong these guys are. The one negative to that sack was that I kept thinking over and over again that the end result of that play should have been the same when Thomas had Eli Manning in the same grasp. :-/

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