September 19, 2017

Roundtable Moment: Tim Jordan

I am not really happy with the Giants this week.  Haven’t been happy with them for the last 3 weeks, truth be told.  It’s not so much the attitude they’ve displayed this week or the bad judgment they’re guilty of, for showing up to Arizona dressed like pall bearers.  It’s not their lack of respect, it’s their lack of gratitude.  These are the same guys that have been talking all week about the galvanizing effect of playing the Patriots close in the regular season’s final game.  Many of them credited it with giving them the confidence to make their memorable run through the NFC conference.  Three impressive games that allowed them to show their city, and the rest of a doubting NFL, that they were championship timber.  They’re the toast of Manhattan and are the Last Hope for those who do not want to see the Patriots win another Super Bowl.  They are now America’s Underdog.  And they seem to really be enjoying it.  Not just the attention, but the thrill of playing their best and coming together at most important part of the season.  Who wouldn’t, right?

My problem isn’t with any of this, it’s the fact that I haven’t heard one Giant thank the Patriots for any of it.  After all, it’s the historic success of the Patriots that allowed the Giants to share some limelight in what would have been an uneventful evening at the Meadowlands 4 short weeks ago and ride that winning energy all the way to the Phoenix.  If the Patriots weren’t so damn good it’s likely that this week we’d be reading about Brett Favre’s favorite fertilizer, be subjected to Tony and Jessica at the Maxim party, or what it’s like to be reared by a man named Bum.  Instead it’s the shocking revelation that Eli Manning didn’t say a word to the world until he was three years old – a trait that virtually guarantees him Super Bowl glory (this is great news for my neighbor with the 6 year old who loves the taste of paint chips), actual score predictions, and half-hearted trash talk. 

And the Patriots are responsible.  They turned the 10-5 average team with the shaky QB and a bad secondary into the “hottest team in the NFL”.  They are so damn good they forced the Giants into playing inspired football and once they started, they didn’t want to stop.  They’ve taken this precious gift from New England and have cashed it in for a Super Bowl berth.  And not one word of thanks.  Not even an “hey, man, I appreciate it” head nod.

It’s just not right.

This years Patriot team is so damn good that it took two teams to the Super Bowl.  The Patriots made you, Giants, and Sunday they are going to destroy you.


  1. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and classify this post as weak satire rather than mental retardation.

  2. Tim Jordan says:

    I’m comfortable with either one.

    Enjoy the game.

  3. i guess you weren’t watching when the giants were celebrating…eli and coughlin both thanked the 18-1 patriots…

    somewhere mercury morris is rapping…

    by the way, it serves those f**king cheaters right

  4. Johnny Utah?

  5. Kelly Lohman says:

    “This years Patriot team is so damn good that it took two teams to the Super Bowl. The Patriots made you, Giants, and Sunday they are going to destroy you.”

    Wow! This is a perfect example of the arrogance that came full circle and imploded the Pats in the Super Bowl. Part way through the season I wasn’t sure there was any merit behind the claims that New England fans are embarrassingly classless. It seems people were right. To witness Patriot’s literature that is actually audacious enough to think the Giant’s owe anything to the Pat’s is ludicrous. You definitely suffer from massive delusions of grandeur. If you had an ounce of class you’d apologize to the Giants and your professional peers for your disrespectful arrogance. The scoreboard reflected a 3 point victory, but the reality is the Giants absolutely kicked the snot out of the Pats. The Giants owe you nothing and are now the best football team in the entire world, bar none.

  6. Hmmmm. Here’s another delightful side effect of this loss that I hadnt thought of. Trolls! Thanks again, BB.

  7. Draegerman says:

    Not being a fan of either team, you should know that I don’t have a dog in this fight. Still, the arrogance of your post compells me to ask how that heaping helping of crow must taste right about now?

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