September 22, 2017

You’re With Us, Leather

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

It’s the Jaguars, with head coach Arthur Fonzarelli.

The Pats have their divisional playoff opponent now, and doesn’t it figure that it should be the last of those who gleefully jumped aboard the hi-tech lynching known as “Spygate”?

It could be that having their ears boxed by the team they once sought to diminish from the safety of their own locker room is their “destiny.”


  1. David Clemeno says:

    If the Pats lose to this team, I’m checking myself into the Betty Ford clinic.

    The play that most said “We are The Jaguars” in Saturday’s game against Pitt? Pitt is down by 18 pts well into the 2nd half and faced with a 4th and very long. They decide to go for it. Jax decides to blitz everyone; Pitt burns them for a td and climbs back into the game. Defending the first down marker would seem to make more sense to me. Even if Pitt fails by 1 yard, you get the ball back with a chance to eat more clock. That’s our boy DelRio. What a meat head.

    It’s only Monday and I’ve already developed my Jax hatred. This weekend can’t come soon enough.

  2. DelRio DEAD
    Garrard DEAD
    Henderson DEAD
    Spicer DEAD
    Maurice JD Drew DEAD
    Fred Taylor would be DEAD but he blew another

  3. David Clemeno says:

    Thanks Nopointe my brother. This is the kind of venom/vitriol I need. I think I could actually consume this bile rather than food this week — and do quite nicely thank you.

  4. Tice! Del Rio!

    I’m debating between “physical” and “running game” as the choice media buzz word/phrase of the week.

  5. Over on the Jaguars official site, they put an asterisk up next to the Pats on their power rankings page. At the bottom, it says next to the asterisk “Cheated in one game”.

    Do these idiots ever learn?

  6. EDIT: I missed that part in the Herald article which mentioned that.

  7. JaxResident says:

    The patriots cheated, caught and fined for it. The comments that came from Paul Spicer only echoed what the rest of the league was saying. The patriots actions shadow their “perfect” season and their “dynasty”. Basically, the Patriots shouldn’t have been allowed to play in the playoffs – but I’m glad they are there, since Saturdays’ defeat for them will highlight the honesty and hard work that the Jaguars have put up all season.

  8. Jacksonville’s next big win will be their first. Beating the Steelers at home doesn’t qualify; everyone does that.

  9. Oh, good. A troll. Be sure to check out the NFL Films treatment of the 2007 Jaguars season, entitled “Holy Crap, We Won a F***ing Playoff Game!” Make sure Del Rio is wearing his suit. He’ll look spiffy for the closeups.

  10. “Honesty and hard work”

    How many players have the Jaguars had arrested since last season ended?

  11. I think stupidity has to be fought with stupidty

    so whenever someone says the Jaguars will punch you in the mouth, I’m going to say ‘yeah but the Patriots will bite their hands off’ bwaahahahaha

  12. I’m not sure how getting killed by 28 points will highlight “hard work” + “honesty”.

  13. I can’t think of anyone – even Steve Gutman – who has talked more and won less than Paul Spicer. He hasn’t shut his fat mouth since he got in the league.

  14. JaxResident:

    Kicking the Pats out of the playoffs would have been the absolute worst thing Goodell could do. Not for the Pats, mind you, but for the NFL as a whole (especially given the “aggravated jaywalking” nature of the “crime”). Think about this for a second–the Pats had to play about half the playoff teams. Think about what they might have done had they had literally nothing to play for. It’s not a pretty thought.


    12/28/07: Jaguars offensive lineman Stocker McDougle is arrested and charged with felony battery on a person over the age of 65 and misdemeanor touch-strike battery.

    11/3/07: Jaguars OL Richard Collier is arrested for misdemeanor DUI.

    11/3/07: Jaguars LB Justin Durant is charged with misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence.

    9/29/07: Jaguars tackle Khalif Barnes is charged with misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident.

    7/12/07: Jaguars OT Khalif Barnes pleads no contest to DUI charges.

    5/5/07: Jaguars CB Ahmad Carroll is charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of an unlicensed firearm, possession of ecstasy, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

    3/19/07: Jaguars S Gerald Sensabaugh is arrested and charged with speeding and carrying arms, both misdemeanors.

    3/10/07: Jaguars WR Charles Sharon is arrested and charged with grand theft of a firearm and carrying a concealed firearm; both are felonies.

    Caveat: Not claiming the Patriots are above or exempt from the troubles of the modern professional athlete; just pointing out the glass houses that their accusers live in.

  16. the patriots are a joke. They have no right to be in the position they’re in. The second meeting against the jets shouldve been a forfeit, bill beliclit shouldve been suspended for a period of time, and the media shouldve grown a sac this entire season and pointed out what the pats really are. Cheaters. They’ve been caught numerous times, but until the footage was seen they couldn’t be punished. If I had a defense as small as the patriots I’d probably have to cheat to be able to keep up. Sorry, the pats are a c*<#sucking pos’s

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