September 25, 2017

Champ Decked

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

This just in: the Indianapolis Colts won’t be in Foxborough for the AFC Championship game next Sunday.

The San Diego Chargers overcame the loss of LaDainian Tomlinson and Phillip Rivers to stun the defending champion Colts in the RCA Dome and advance to a rematch of their own with the Patriots.

It will be the third game between the teams in a little over a year.

I was traveling this afternoon so I saw the first half, listened to the second. The Colts were uncharacteristically awful in the red zone, right to the end, and their real Quiet Strength this season – their slight but swift defense – was so oddly passive throughout that Rivers actually looked like a playoff quarterback in leading the Chargers to three scores.

That’s not even the kicker – Billy Volek came off the bench to drive the Chargers 78 yards to the winning score. Whaaaa? I don’t know if the Colts lost this game, or if the Chargers won it, but I do know when you drive the length of the field for the winning score just five minutes from elimination, with Billy Volek at the controls, you must be doing something right.

And what a weird ending to the Colts’ title reign. 13-3, 2nd seed, only to play badly and lose in your first playoff game. Now Tony Dungy (who might have considered the possibility that two field goals would have won the game there at the end) will go on a journey to someplace or the other (Classytown?) and we’ll all hear plenty about it.

I suppose the question this week will be the health of Rivers and Tomlinson, which should become clearer as the week progresses. What will be less clearer is exactly how Norv Turner ended up matched up with Bill Belichick in the AFC Championship game.

The Chargers scored a big coup today and should be applauded for pulling it off; beating the defending champs out of their own building and worse, out of the playoffs is a neat trick, and regardless of what’s transpired between the teams in the recent past, they come to Foxborough next Sunday just sixty minutes from the Super Bowl.

You have to respect that.


  1. I enjoyed the Colts loss even more after some Indy fans boo the little girl from Stratham, NH who won the punt, pass, and kick national championship for her age group.
    (she was wearing a Patriots jersey, but every winner had their local team’s jersey on)

  2. Billy Bleak says:

    another thing I “respect” about the Chargers is they made all the “pundits” look stupid. I watched a few of the pre-game shows and ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters”…they were actually breaking down “next weeks Pats/Colts game”..never thinking the Chargers had a chance..oh those so-called “experts”

  3. david clemeno says:

    Well, well, well. The Colts lose another home playoff game. Stop me if you’ve already heard this.

    With this latest ball crushing loss, the only question I have is “How did they ever win a super bowl last year?” It clearly had to have been a fluke — a statistical outlier. Can we petition the NFL to get it annulled?

  4. David, I feel the same way… the loss in last year’s AFCCG hurts so much more. They are choking dogs who got hot at the right time. Uggh.
    Oh and THANK GOD we beat them in Indy this year, or we never would have heard the end of it from their ‘classy’ fans had we not played them or god-forbid lost to them.
    Sing it with me now… ‘San Die-go.. Super-char-gers!…”

  5. David Clemeno says:

    Tom wrote:
    Oh and THANK GOD we beat them in Indy this year, or we never would have heard the end of it from their ‘classy’ fans had we not played them or god-forbid lost to them.

    Oh yes Tom, good point. If the Pats go all the way this year, there can be NO discounting the achievement. After beating Jax the other night, they now have beaten — what — 7 of the teams in the playoffs this year. An incredible record.

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