November 19, 2017

Breer Blogs Big Blue

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

When Albert Breer left the Patriots beat in September, Patriots fans lost one of the best football writers they’ve ever – briefly – had. Hard copy or blog, especially blog, Breer was an ace.

As you know, Breer is now working at the Dallas Morning News, maybe the best sports section in the country when it comes to covering football. And he’s blogging like mad on the paper’s website, which brings us to the subject of today’s post.

Breer always had a technician’s eye for football, and his popular Tale of the Tape feature, with its richly detailed analysis, amounted to a weekly clinic for even the savviest X’s and O’s fan. He’s continued that practice in the Big D, and expanded it to include varied breakdowns of how teams utilize their offensive and defensive personnel.

John Tomase gave us Breer’s Pats-Chargers Tale of the Tape the other day, and afterwards it occured to us (actually, it was suggested to us) that we ought to gather up Albert’s analysis of the Giants playoff games (for it surely exists) as a fan’s primer to the Patriots’ Super Bowl opponents.

So, with regards to Breer, is a collection of his works, grouped by each game the Giants have played since THEY LOST to the Patriots.


Tale of the Tape
On Target (Where the passes went)
Bucs Rush Analysis (defensive alignments)
Giants Rush Analysis
Personnel Breakdown (offensive alignments)


Tale of the Tape
Cowboys On Target
Giants On Target
Cowboys Rush Analysis

Giants Rush Analysis
Cowboys Personnel Breakdown
Giants Personnel Breakdown


Tale of the Tape
Giants On Target
Packers On Target
Giants Rush Analysis
Packers Rush Analysis
Giants Personnel Breakdown
Packers Personnel Breakdown


  1. rickkyboy says:

    So that’s where Reiss got the idea?

  2. Belichick a few years back (do they still do it?) started having yearly football X&O educational seminars for the media. Breer mentioned it in his writings once or twice, and apparently really took to it more so than some of the other writers. I’m guessing Hector never went.

  3. Hacktor would be ascared that “Xs & Os” meant hugs and kisses

  4. I wonder if Breer has any regrets about his decision, given the season the Patriots had. Covering the Pats all year, coupled with his eye for detail, he certainly could have had a book out of it. Hell, Cafardo did a book after the ’01 season that was little more than stringing his game stories together in hard cover.

  5. Billy Bleak says:

    random thought….Clark Booth is a very strange fellow

  6. titletown_tom&jerry says:

    if you guys and tomase are just going to give us this re-cycled Albert Breer material can you at least tell us his Super Bowl prediction? k, thx!

  7. You could have looked it up yourself in the time it took you to post your little whine. But that would have defeated the purpose, I guess.

  8. GREAT stuff. Thanks for pulling this together.

  9. chrisa798 says:

    Yeah, but would Dennis Miller say about the game? I’m thinking he’d liken the Giants to the British at Rorke’s Drift.

    Seriously though, nice work. I myself give you a pass for exercising your own discretion in your own item for how much of the linked materials you chose to quote or summarize (sheesh, Tom & Jerry).

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