September 25, 2017

This and That Involving the Patriots

Here are a few more links and some reaction to yesterday’s dismantling of the Redskins.

John Clayton was leading the “running up the score” brigade yesterday, saying the Belichick kicked Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs while he was down. One can only wonder what Gregg Easterbrook is going to come up with tomorrow.

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback looks ahead to Patriots/Colts this weekend, but warns the Patriots to watch out for the Ravens because “No team gets up for a prime time, national TV game like the Ravens.”

Sort of like the Monday night game to open the season this year, Pete?

Michael Silver focuses mainly on Dolphins/Giants, (because he was there) but does look ahead to Patriots/Colts.

John Czarnecki makes a couple of good points:

1) The Redskins were running their mouths all last week about how the Patriots hadn’t seen defensive backs like theirs, and how they wouldn’t get blown out like other teams.

2) How do you to tell professional players to quit playing and just run the ball on every play?

Jason Cole says that even if the Patriots are running up the score, it seems no one can do anything about it.

Len Pasquarelli has the Colts finally being able to turn their attention to the Patriots.

Tom Curran has the Redskins’ Randall Godfrey confronting Belichick after the game to tell him to show some respect, then bragging to reporters afterwards.

Mike Freeman has a lonely nation turning its eyes to the Colts to put an end to the Patriots reign of terror over the NFL.

In Post-Game Comments yesterday, “THE NFL TODAY” analysts weighed in on this Sunday’s Patriots/Colts game:

Shannon Sharpe: Two heavyweights knocking heads, just like we wanted. They both held serve. We have the match-up of the century.

Bill Cowher: These two teams are playing at a different level than everybody else in the National Football League. They play each other next week and it can’t get any better than that at the midway-point of the football season.

Dan Marino: Peyton Manning is going to have to play keep-away from Tom Brady, believe it or not. Usually teams play keep away from Peyton Manning, but they’re going to have to run the football, be good on third downs and keep that offense (New England) off the field.

Boomer Esiason: They (New England) are unstoppable. This is the best offense the NFL has ever seen.

(On allegations that New England ran up score last week against Miami)

Bill Cowher: If you watched the game last week, Houston-Tennessee, Tennessee was up 32-7 before Houston came back. In the National Football League, you can’t score enough points. There is no way. He’s going to keep scoring, and it’s the onus on them to get off the field.

Shannon Sharpe: He did run up the score. They were trying to score. Why shouldn’t you try and score? It’s not Bill Belichick’s job to keep the score down. That’s what the Miami Dolphins’ defensive coordinator – Dom Capers, that’s what he makes $2 million for. He did run the score up because they were trying to run the score. You try and run the score up.

Here are a few thoughts from Deion Sanders on NFL Network yesterday:

“This is a huge game, a lot like Cowboys-49ers in 1994.”

Deion Sanders on upcoming Patriots-Colts game. San Francisco (7-2 entering game) defeated defending Super Bowl champion Dallas (8-1 entering game) 21-14. Sanders had an interception in that game for San Francisco as the 49ers earned home field advantage and beat Dallas in NFC Championship Game before winning Super Bowl XXIX.

“When they get the running game going with [Laurence] Maroney, they are going to be impossible to beat.”

Deion Sanders on New England Patriots

“Moss is one of the best receivers in traffic because he focuses on the football.”

Deion Sanders on New England WR Randy Moss, who leads the NFL with 732 receiving yards


And now, a couple of videos, first Jim Fassel looks ahead to Colts/Patriots:

Then Mark Schlereth says that the Patriots were out of line passing on fourth down, and that it will be that much more sweeter when someone knocks them off:


  1. Fun Trivia: this is not the first time that Stink Schlereth has wet himself over a football game.

  2. One of my favorite features of The Daily and The Mothership are the regurgitation of quotes from the talking heads on the Sunday shows.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  3. I just dont get “RunupthescoreGate” on a basic factual level. I’m walking around here with my arms outstretched and a “Hello?” expression on my face. Would it not constitute “running up the score” to trot your field goal kicker out for a chip shot with a 38 point lead? Is it not more “sportsmanlike” to give the opponent a chance to stop you with no points on 4th down? Hello?

  4. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    Two things for critics of the Patriots to remember:
    1. If you’re not trying to score on every possession (with the exception of the last few seconds, when you can legitimately take a knee), you’re not being sportsmanlike, you’re shaving points, and that’s a big no-no in organized sports.

    2. Keep in mind the words of the great Western philosopher, Ric Flair: If you want to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man.

  5. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    Sorry about the double post, but maybe Randall Godfrey ought to stop crying and listen to his teammate, the great London Fletcher (who, if you remember, took about 5 seconds to put the Pats on notice to get their shiznit together in last year’s opener against Barfalo).

    From the Washington Post:

    “We got utterly embarrassed in every facet of the football game,” said linebacker London Fletcher, a vocal leader in just his first season with the team. “This loss falls on everybody in this organization. I feel like we’ve got to let it simmer and stew, because I don’t ever want to have this feeling again. I don’t think you just move on. There’s a lot of stuff that happened on this football field today that has to be corrected if we’re going to get to our ultimate goal this year.”

  6. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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