September 20, 2017

BSMW Game Day Big Board, v2

The mocks have been updated through the end of last week, so here’s the latest version of our mock draft masher.

We’re now up to nine mock drafts, including:

DC – Scott Wright, NFL Draft Countdown (3 rounds)
DST – DJ Boyer, Draft Stock (2 rounds)
YS – John Murphy, Yahoo Sports (2 rounds)
RS – Rob McCartney, Rob’s Scouting (1 round)
PFW – Nolan Narwocki, Pro Football Weekly (1 round)
MK – Mel Kiper, ESPN (1 round)
DSC – Rob Rang, NFL Draft Scout (1 round)
ScINC – Todd McShay, Scouts, Inc.(1 round)
F.COM – Mike McCollum, (1 round)

The mash columns are the same:

MDP – Median Draft Position
#M – Number of mock sections
Lo – Low selection
Hi – High selection
MFDP – Most Frequent Draft Position
##MF – Number of times selected
TEAM – Team currently holding most frequent slection

A couple of players are emerging as particular favorites – both 25th ranked Paul Posluszny and 26th ranked Aaron Ross are four-time mock selections for the Patriots.

Here’s the others that are being picked for the Pats:

DC – Posluszny (24), RB Brian Leonard (28), DE/OLB Brian Robison (91)
DST – ILB Patrick Willis (24), Ross (28)
YS – DE Jarvis Moss (24), S Tanard Jackson (28)
RS – Ross (24), WR Sidney Rice (28)
PFW – DE Quentin Moses (24), WR Anthony Gonzalez (28)
MK – Willis (24), S Reggie Nelson (28)
DSC – Posluszny (24), OT Tony Ugoh (28)
ScINC – Ross (24), Posluszny (28)
F.COM – Posluszny (24), Ross (28)

We’ll be back in mid-April with a final version of the masher. Until then, share any thoughts at [email protected].



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