November 20, 2017

Ticket Watch – Patriots 2011 Season Preview

Here’s a look at the Patriots 2011 home schedule, and which games are most in demand and the current average prices for those games.

Ticket Watch – Jets at Patriots, Divisional Playoff Round

Patriots fans don’t seem to excited (for now) about their matchup with the division rival Jets with tickets selling for the 2nd lowest avg and premium among the four divisonal games this weekend.

So this may be the time to buy for Patriots fans. Don’t let Jets fans get these seats.

Ticket Watch – Dolphins at Patriots

A quick look at the ticket situation for Sunday:

Here is also an update, showing the falling prices this week:

Ticket Watch – Patriots vs Packers

News of a potential storm Sunday night caused a huge surge in available tickets and a drop in ticket prices for the Patriots/Packers game at Gillette stadium. Now, with the storm seemingly set to miss the area, it’s a great opportunity to come see the NFL’s hottest team.

Click on the image to search for deals.

Ticket Watch – Patriots/Jets Prices Soaring

By Bruce Allen, Patriots Daily Staff

You may have seen the Boston Herald article this morning that reported how ticket prices to Monday Night’s Patriots/Jets clash are soaring.

Patriots matchup with Jets sends ticket prices soaring

The graphic below breaks down the prices by section, pointing you to the best values. Click on the image for more options.

This is also a “rivalry weekend” in the NFL with several other big divisional games on tap. How does interest in this game compare to elsewhere in the NFL?

Are Thanksgiving Games “Premium” Games, or Not?

How do Thanksgiving games compare with the rest of the schedule in terms of demand? Is it a higher than usual demand, or lower?

This chart shows that in the traditional Thanksgiving day cities (Detroit, Dallas) this game is a “premium” game, while in New York, which isn’t a traditional game, demand is actually less than normal:

The fact that it is a night game, in New York could have something to do with it.

The Patriots/Lions game is a sellout, and I don’t think many people are likely to make a trip out to Detroit between now and then, but I thought it would still be interesting to see what the prices were like.

Ticket Watch – Colts at Patriots

After last week’s win in Pittsburgh, confidence is once again high among Patriots fans, and it is reflected in the ticket prices for Sunday’s matchup with the Colts – the first at Gillette Stadium since 2006.

The weather for Sunday won’t be awful, though a bit on the cool side. Highs in the low 40’s are expected during the day, but with a 4:14 kickoff, temperatures will drop quickly as the sun goes down.

There are still seats available, but the prices are pretty high across the board.

A few select deals:

Tickets for Sunday’s game down 30% this week. 47 available for less than $250 (38% below game avg.)

55 eTickets available for Sunday’s game, 15 for less than $300. (26% below game avg.)

18 seats in TiqZone 200’s Corner, $350 or less. 8 for less than $300 (Zone Avg: $350; WKLY Trend: -30%).

Going To Pittsburgh? Good Seats Available.

Feel like seeing the Patriots take on the Steelers this Sunday night? You can still find tickets, though the prices are pretty high at this stage.

At the moment, there are 87 tickets available for less than $190 (The game avg is $312) There are also almost 1200 instant delivery eTickets available for Sunday’s game, almost 100 for less than $200 (Game Avg: $312)

Patriots/Vikings Prices Down 39% In Two Weeks

This has been a much-hyped an anticipated game on the schedule, even more so since Randy Moss was traded to the Vikings just a few weeks ago.

Prices, however have been falling in the last two weeks, as you can see in the chart below. Click on the image for ticket options.

51 eTickets still available for Sunday’s game, many under $200.

Ticket Watch – Vikings at Patriots

It should be a wild scene in Foxborough Sunday afternoon, with the later start meaning more imbibing time for some, the return of Randy Moss, and that whole Halloween thing.

Do you want to be there? There are still seats available, ranging quite widely in price.

Need tickets for Sunday’s game fast? 86 eTickets still available, check them out with our new eTicket filter.

Ticket Watch – Ravens at Patriots

This is an in-demand game, as shown by the average ticket prices. Tickets are running about 160% above the season average thus far, and the amount of available tickets is pretty small.

Still, if you’re looking to go to this game, Patriots Tickets can help you find the best available deal.

See below for the average price per section, or click on the image to search for more:

Here are a couple of more specific links for tickets priced under $200 and $300:

48 tickets still available for less than $200 (Game avg. $304; WKLY Trend: -27%)

27 tickets in 100’s level, less than $300. Some with instant delivery.

Ticket Watch – Patriots at Dolphins

Heading to Miami?

If you click through the below graphic to the buying page, you’ll see there are plenty of tickets still available for the Monday night game. Over 10,000 in fact, as of this writing.

We’ll continue to bring you ticket updates for many of the road games this season, if only as a means of comparison to what the market here locally is like. I’m especially interested in San Diego, where they’ve already had a game blacked out because they couldn’t get a sellout there.