September 22, 2017

Tonight on Patriots All Access (w/ video preview)

Tonight on Patriots All Access, airing on WBZ-TV at 7 p.m., and immediately following on

  • On the conclusion of a two-part special, “Path to the NFL,” Tom Brady, Sr. discusses his son’s college choice and when Tom was drafted by the Patriots on that fateful day in the Spring of 2000
  • Steve Burton goes one-on-one with emerging wide receiver and kick return specialist Brandon Tate
  • Patriots All Access travels to the NFL’s Rookie Symposium to investigate Patriots rookies’ transition from college to the pro’s
  • Scott Zolak sits with Bill Belichick to discuss this weekend’s prime time matchup in Pittsburgh
  • Coach Belichick also breaks out The Belestrator to examine the Steelers’ physical style of play
  • All Access follows Patriots owner Robert Kraft and quarterback Tom Brady to a local elementary school for a special visit


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing in response to your 11/12 article on the matchups between the Pats and Steelers written by Dan Zeigarnik.

    On some of his assessments he is totally correct but on others, not so much! On the not so much side is:
    (1) Stop saying bad things about Tom Brady’s hair! (although, I must admit the longer it gets the worse he seems to play). Seriously though, this teams needs all it can get and to grind down on a player’s hair is unnecessary.

    (2) Let’ stop the constant negativity about the Pat’s young and inexperienced defense. How about putting a positive spin on them. I don’t know if the guys read all the comments but these bad reviews can do harm. I don’t mean we have to overlook their failures but mix it up with something positive!

    I have a few more but these are enough. I so look forward to my PatriotsDaily email.
    Thank you for your time,

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