September 20, 2017

Ticket Watch – Colts at Patriots

After last week’s win in Pittsburgh, confidence is once again high among Patriots fans, and it is reflected in the ticket prices for Sunday’s matchup with the Colts – the first at Gillette Stadium since 2006.

The weather for Sunday won’t be awful, though a bit on the cool side. Highs in the low 40’s are expected during the day, but with a 4:14 kickoff, temperatures will drop quickly as the sun goes down.

There are still seats available, but the prices are pretty high across the board.

A few select deals:

Tickets for Sunday’s game down 30% this week. 47 available for less than $250 (38% below game avg.)

55 eTickets available for Sunday’s game, 15 for less than $300. (26% below game avg.)

18 seats in TiqZone 200’s Corner, $350 or less. 8 for less than $300 (Zone Avg: $350; WKLY Trend: -30%).

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