September 19, 2017

Patriots 2010 Draft Slots

With the draft approaching fast, we’re laying out here where the Patriots draft slots fall. You know about the three second-round picks, and that the team has no third round selections. They don’t have a fifth round pick either. But did you realize that the three second picks are all within nine picks of each other? You might have heard about the five seventh round picks, three of which are compensatory and fall within four picks near the end of the round. Those slots might be used on players who otherwise might be targeted as undrafted free agents.

Here’s how the entire Patriots draft lays out:

First Round

#22 overall

Second Round

#44 overall (From Jacksonville)

#47 overall (From Tennessee)

#53 overall

Fourth Round

#119 overall

Sixth round

#190 overall

#205 (compensatory)*

Seventh round

#229 overall

#231 overall (From Philadelphia)

#247 overall (compensatory)*

#248 overall (compensatory)*

#250 overall (compensatory)*

*As a reminder, compensatory picks cannot be traded.


  1. Bruce-The Patriots also have pick #190, their own 6th round selection.

  2. After trades with Denver and Dallas, the Patriots now have #27 in the first round, and #90 overall in the third round. They gave up #24 to get this.

  3. Round 2, pick 12 (44th overall) from Jacksonville
    Round 2, pick 15 (47th overall) from Tennessee
    Round 2, pick 21 (53rd overall) assigned
    Round 3, pick 26 (90th overall) from Dallas
    Round 4, pick 15 (113th overall) from San Francisco via Denver
    Round 6, pick 21 (190th overall) assigned
    Round 6, pick 36 (205th overall) compensatory
    Round 7, pick 22 (229th overall) assigned
    Round 7, pick 24 (231st overall) from Philadelphia via Denver
    Round 7, pick 40 (247th overall) compensatory
    Round 7, pick 41 (248th overall) compensatory
    Round 7, pick 43 (250th overall) compensatory

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