September 20, 2017

Take A Lap – QB Mark Sanchez

by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff

sanchezDespite the 31-14 score, we at PD feel there’s much to malign regarding New England’s performance vs. the Jets. A 24-0 lead in the first 29 minutes? Groovy. After that, some less-than-rad moments, including a punt blocked for a touchdown, a missed 40-yard field goal and an 80-yard Jets scoring drive to start the third quarter.

During any other week, the defensive lapses and the special teams snafus would warrant a closer look; however, this particular lap goes to New York quarterback Mark Sanchez (eight for 21 passing, 136 yards, one TD, four INTs, one fumble).

No Jet did more to lose this game than Sanchez. Watching his inappropriately-named highlights,we see him tossing the ball like a bocce player, looking at a spot and placing it in the general vicinity. Sanchez threw two TD passes, one of them to New England cornerback Leigh Bodden in the first quarter to open up the home team’s 24-0 scoring onslaught.

Sanchez has a ton of ability and can show some touch (see his 29-yard loft to Jerricho Cotchery), but his last two meaningful possessions resulted in disaster (interception by Brandon Meriweather, strip sack by Tully Banta-Cain). Clearly, the kid has some work to do.  For regressing from “The Sanchize” to “Off-the-Mark” in a couple of months, Mr. Sanchez, PD requests you take a lap.

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  1. Aaron Bennett says:

    Three cheers for the Sanchize! Although I’d like to see Sexie Rexie take a few laps too, but I’m afraid he’d keel over and die on the spot. Then the Jets might get serious and hire a real coach like Shanahan. I like them just fine the way they are.

  2. Can I suggest an honorable mention to Rex Ryan? After his trash talk leading up to the big Superbowl win (in week 2) his team has gone 2-6, with wins against the Titan and Raiders.

    This week, he cried. Before the game. A week before the game. His speech was so impassioned that apparently the team was ready to run out of the locker room and get on the bus to Foxboro. Only, well, they had to prepare for the game first – and that’s where I think the whole thing fell apart.

    This week we learned that Ryan would now “get involved” in the offense – sit in on meetings, etc. What do you call a Head Coach that doesn’t get involved in the offense (no, not Buddy Ryan)? Oh yes, that’s right, you call him a *defensive coordinator*

    On paper, the Jets team has talent, but no depth. The o-line is made up of, what, 4 first rounders? They have a D that ranks top 10 statistically, and has at time shut down offenses. But teams have adjusted, the Jets have not.

    That’s on the coach. THIS game, coach Ryan should be forced to take a lap….pending approval from a doctor, of course, I’d hate for anything to happen to him mid lap. We can station Paramedics and a water station on the far end of the field, or something.

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