September 22, 2017

Take a Lap – Baltimore Ravens

by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
October 6, 2009

First, I should note for posterity’s sake that I was going to tag Matt Light with this week’s “award”, for turning a 17-7 lead to a 17-14 white knuckle thrill ride with one third-quarter stumble on Sunday. But then I realized that stumble came against the lightning-fast Terrell Suggs, he of 55 career sacks and $38 million guaranteed dollars, which gave me pause.

‘Pause’ became ‘pass’ once the Baltimore Ravens opened their post-game mouths.

Naturally, to hear them tell it, this was just another example of the National Football League’s unwavering commitment to the deification of its beloved New England Patriots, winners of every Super Bowl this decade because that’s exactly what the league wants. ESPN too.

“Without totally going off the wall here, it is embarrassing to the game,” linebacker Ray Lewis said. “[Tom] Brady is good enough to make his own plays, let him make the play. When you have two great teams that are going at it, let them go at it. Both of their touchdown drives had personal fouls that kept drives alive. Did that win or lose the game? No, but it got them 14 points.”

Hey, it wasn’t why we lost, but we did lose, so you have to wonder if it was because of those extraordinarily biased refs and their transparent propping up of Tom Brady. I’m not saying that’s why we lost though, but…I’m just sayin’.

I might have overlooked all this if they hadn’t done exactly the same fucking thing the last time the two teams played. In the standings, they should replace “L” with “Sc”, because the Ravens never lose a game, they just get screwed out of it.

I have to say I thought John Harbaugh would be different, being that he’s a Harbaugh and everything, but yesterday he was still carrying on about “credibility” while retaining precious little of his own.

The Patriots were credited with 10 quarterback hits and a pair of sacks, both by Mike Wright, who was penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness for a helmet-to-helmet blow on Flacco. Harbaugh said Flacco “got hit [six] different times hard, and there was one call.’’

“Tom didn’t get hit five times,’’ said Harbaugh. “We want him to be hit more than he was hit, but when he did sort of get hit, it was called. That goes to the credibility of the whole thing.’’

Hang on a minute. Brady was sacked three times on Sunday, and the two roughing calls makes five, and that’s before we even get to the times he was hit as he threw. But he didn’t get hit five times.  I mean, if you’re going to talk about credibility, at least take the time to get your goddam facts straight. You’re not going anywhere if you’re going to cut those kinds of corners.

Neither is your team.

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  1. The whining is pathetic.

    I’ll say it again: what if Brady had not been able to get his leg out of the way just in a nick of time as Suggs was (clearly) diving low well after the ball had been thrown? Would throwing the 15-yard flag been acceptable to the Ravens then, given that Suggs probably would have ended Brady’s career and the hit wouldn’t have been a glancing blow?

    And I’d really like to know what “spots” they thought they were screwed on? McGahee clearly was stopped short of that first down in the 4th quarter; it wasn’t even close. And while the first down mark on the fake field goal was not a slam dunk, it certainly wasn’t that bad. Baker’s feet were still inbounds as he was stretching the ball to the orange marker.

    Harbaugh is not a leader in my opinion. He’s actually encouraging his team to make excuses about losing.

  2. Look at the replay – Suggs wasn’t pushed into Brady, the ball was gone and he took two full steps before getting there. The 15 yards doesn’t come on the result of a QB knee injury, it comes on the action of diving at the knees of the QB.

    And let’s get something straight, the “NFL” didn’t implement this rule, the owners did, *through* the rules committee. None of the owners want their biggest investments going down on the turf with an ACL injury. None of the fans want that, and it would appear that no players, outside of those diving at the knees of QB’s want that either.

    It’s a rule, deal with it.

  3. Chris Warner says:

    Nice work, Scott. I was thinking the same thing about how the Patriots have never actually beaten the Ravens – at least not without an officiating conspiracy.

  4. Steve Bevacqua says:

    THANK GOD someone else saw that Suggs play the way I did – I thought I was the only guy in the western hemisphere who thought they got that call right. Suggs definitely went at the knee and it was only Brady’s ‘matador’ move that saved New England from another year of rooting for the backup QB. And I have no problem with TB asking the the ref “WTF was that?” and getting the call. If it was me, I’d have done the same.

    Kind of ironic that the same guys who are whining and crying and blaming someone else for their problems are asking the othert guy to ‘man up’. Dude – look in the mirror first. 🙂

  5. The real important question is: did the play even make that big a difference? These Ravens act like that ended the game. I don’t know if it was important as they think. The Suggs shot was on second down on a completed pass, setting up third and long, but thats not a guaranteed stop, seeing as the Pats were at nearly 50% (4-8, maybe 4-9) on third down at that point and averaging around 7 yards per pass and were already at the Ravens’ 40 when this happened. There were any number of plays that made a bigger difference: a 4th down conversion inside the five, a 4th and 1 stop at midfield, a coach so wrapped up in one call he gave away fifteen yards and ultimately a dropped pass on 4th down that would have given the Ravens a chance to win. The refs are a convenient scapegoat for the Ravens, who think they are better than they are.

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