September 25, 2017

Worry Wart – Preseason Game 4 vs. Giants

by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff
September 2, 2009

New England’s final warm-up against the New York Giants Thursday night should be as ugly and desperate as the promos the networks run during football broadcasts. When a play-by-play guy says in his pseudo-excited voice, “Look who’s on a new sitcom!” it means, “Someone who should have stayed retired is trying a comeback.”

Speaking of which: hey, Tedy Bruschi? Thank you for bowing out gracefully. Some people understand what their fans want. Others just get a new set of fans, apparently.

Anyway, on to this week’s concerns…

Of Power And Mike: With Bruschi gone, who’s the primary backup at middle (aka Mike) linebacker? I suppose Jerod Mayo won’t get much rest, but right now no one looks ready to step in if needed. Neither Eric Alexander nor Gary Guyton has shown he can battle linemen, while Paris Lenon has been up and down (literally, when he took flight on Jason Campbell’s pump fake). Looking forward to Rob Ninkovich converting to middle linebacker.

Come on, relax. I’m kidding.

Up Against The Walter: Let’s hope Tom Brady sits so Andrew Walter can prove his value as the second QB. The ol’ waive goodbye to Kevin O’Connell came as a surprise (he’s now in Detroit, God love him), though we have some hope for Brian Hoyer. Not a lot, just some.

(Doesn’t Walter look a lot like actor Colin Hanks? Weird.)

Been Running BenJarvus: Will BenJarvus Green-Ellis get most of the carries Thursday? Will Sammy Morris demonstrate his injuries have gone? Who’s the odd man out for the running backs? (Let’s leave Laurence Maroney alone, as his contract is almost wholly guaranteed.)

Thrown Around: Will New England’s defense – especially their pass defense – hold up against New York? Most of this week’s schemes should look about as vanilla as Madagascar’s main export (see, we all learned something today). This will allow plenty of man coverage, providing the last opportunity to watch some fringe guys in action.

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  1. I figure unless Mayo gets hurt, you won’t need a backup because he’ll be on the field for every snap.

    • Bruce Allen says:

      unless Mayo gets hurt

      Banish the thought. Mayo is the most indispensable player on the roster not named Brady.

      • I’d still go with Moss, but Mayo’s close.

        I guess I’m buying Reiss’s theory that no evident depth at LB will force more 4-3. That means one MLB, and he’ll be on the field for all three downs.

  2. If Mayo gets hurt, I think we’ll see plenty of 5-2 defense (hopefully I’m kidding) or someone coming out of retirement. we really are pretty thin for quality (even mediocre) starters out there.

    • Chris Warner says:

      It’s going to be interesting to see if any viable backup ILBs come out of the roster cutdowns. Not that I’m expecting anything, but a salary cap cut might provide a little competition.

  3. Box_O_Rocks says:

    You may not be that far off with Ninkovich after watching the way they used him in the second half at Washington, but Guyton is still #2 on the MLB depth chart and does a better job at taking on blockers than credited.

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