October 19, 2017

Worry Wart – Game Two at Jets

by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff
September 18, 2009

Just one week ago, New England looked ready to reclaim their proper place atop the AFC East. After an injury to phenom Jerod Mayo and 55 minutes of offense rusty enough to make the Tin Man cringe, expectations have been, shall we say, altered.

(And if Benjamin Watson has to bail this team out again, I might have to buy a defibrillator.)

The 2009 Pats resemble a hybrid of the previous two seasons, including flashes of 2007 dominance tempered with the necessity of 2008 resilience. If they can hold it together, this should prove a fun team to watch. Here’s what might get in the way…

Spare Jerod, Spoil The Defense: Mayo’s knee injury will keep him out for weeks. That means Gary Guyton starts in the middle, straining the Pats’ thin-as-a-coat-of-paint linebacking corps. Could it be time for a Rob Ninkovich close-up?

Did I really just write that?

Make His Mark: Anyone who watched Jets QB Mark Sanchez maintain consistent pocket awareness and find open receivers during last week’s 24-7 win saw a rookie on the rise. Sure, Sanchez beat less-than-hallowed Houston, but you can’t say he looked lackluster in his NFL debut.

Rush, Rush: (Ah, Paula. The muse of our generation.) New England’s defense allowed QB Trent Edwards (15 for 25, 212 yards, two TDs) too much time and made Fred Jackson look a little too much like Stephen Jackson. On the other side of the ball, the Patriots averaged 3.2 yards per rush, not enough to dull the buzz surrounding New York’s impending hornets’ nest of blitzes. Major concerns, there.

J-E-T-S-F-A-N-S: No offense intended, but some Jets supporters may be the worst examples of our species (some of them barely qualifying for that category).These mullet-headed, mouth-breathers would like nothing more than to beat the Pats and lord it over New Englanders’ heads, meaning that the stadium named after the other New York team will rock on Sunday.

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  1. I wouldn’t worry if I were you, Chris. My take on the first week–our lackluster play was really the result of a staff that was already focused, to a great extent, on the upcoming game with the Jets. You’ll see a much more intense game from the boys this week. And don’t fret Sanchez. Houston really is that bad. If it weren’t for that idiot–JaMarcus–Oakland would be far better than Houston.

  2. Thanks, bobd! Hope you’re right. Just remember: it’s my job to worry.

    • TomBradyrules! says:

      That’s right Chris. Like bobd said. Nothing to worry about. Sanchez and the Jets have no chance against the Pats and Belichick. All that focus on the Jets will payoff handsomely in the end. You’ll see.
      You can now return to your regularly scheduled crack pipe…
      (sarcasm switched to off)

  3. I attended college in upstate New York during the mid-to-late 80s. I can say, without question, that Jets fans are the dumbest sports fans I’ve ever encountered in my life. Giants fans can sometimes be yahoos, but most of them know football and they also have a realistic viewpoint about their team’s strengths, weaknesses, and prospects for the upcoming season. Jets fans lack all of that. They’re very lean on football knowledge and are easily led by a NY press corps that seems to delight in building up unrealistic pre-season expectations just so they can hammer the Jets in December when it all goes awry. Jets fans are also pretty obnoxious, but being New Yorkers, that’s probably just innate.

    As for Sunday…..I either see the Jets running away with it, or a close Pats win. I don’t think the Jets will win a close one because they’re too inexperienced, especially at QB. If the NYJ win, it will be by 10+ points I think.

  4. Nick Lagemann says:

    As a Giants fan, I generally agree with the postings about Jets fans, with one notable exception. Are you really going to make mullet jokes about fan bases in other areas of the country? Really? Is there a city in America with more mullets that Worcester? And don’t get me started about western Mass.

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