November 19, 2017

Take a Lap – QB Tom Brady

by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
September 21, 2009

You can complain all you want about Joey Galloway but nobody played worse than Tom Brady yesterday.

His accuracy was for shit. Communication with his receivers was in disarray. He was blitzed like a rookie, and made pre-snap adjustments like one too. He presided over an unbalanced, pass-first morass of mediocrity that by the end had Randy Moss looking like he’d just witnessed a horrible accident.

The other guys have their foot on the neck of the Patriots quarterback right now, and they’re not letting up. Save for a two-touchdowns-in-five-minutes high wire act last Monday night, the Pats could be sitting on 9/21 at 0-2 with two division losses, largely because their opponents now fear no reprisal for committing as many as six and seven pass rushers to the harassment of the former league MVP. The situation is untenable.

Untenable, but understandable. No matter how many Super Bowls and MVP’s he’s won Brady was still out of football for a year. His passing inaccuracies yesterday – not the screw ups with Galloway, but the open receivers that were simply missed – only prove that returning to action is not the same as reclaiming it. Especially when an underrated third receiver has disappeared in your absence and replaced by a well-liked but confused person who seems to have given the rest of the squad a “we suck” bug.

Brady’s lack of composure in the face of a howling Meadowlands crowd showed what happens when shit gets running downhill, as it certainly did on the Patriots yesterday. The biggest question for their quarterback now is how far to higher ground?

My suggestion: start running. Tom, why don’t you get us all started?

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  1. Long way to go yet but it is possible the Pats are on the downside. With all the retirements, trade of Seymour, injuries to key players, touch schedule, etc…etc,,…I think AT BEST we are looking at a 10-6 or 9-7 dogfight for the division crown kind of season……..that just the way it is……..of course I could be dead wrong but at least I admit it… (unlike the “knights of the keyboard)

  2. What surprised me with this version of brady is how he’s causing teammates to draw penalties. Even on special teams.

  3. Could it be like Peyton Manning last year – struggles to 3-4, then gets it together for a 12-4 season. He was also very rusty early on, and could well have been 1-6, but the team pulled through, and overcame their rough patch. Now, I don’t like comparing us to the Colts, alot, but still, it seems to me that if we can make it to 3-2 or 4-2, then hopefully we’ll be in the right position to gain momentum for the end of the year and the playoffs.

  4. The sky is falling!

    Oh wait, it’s only week 2.

    Every couple of years they have to lose a game or two or three, These aren’t the RAMs after all.

    If Matt Cassell can lead the team to 11 wins, then I think I will trust this team and cut them some slack, as hard as that was to watch. Dust off the old #11 Bledsoe jersey for Edleman, sit back and enjoy the drama as it unfolds.

    Who knows, maybe the Jets will lose a draft pick in the next week or two.

  5. TomBradyrules! says:

    It’s understandable that Tom Brady wasn’t himself on Sunday. Afterall, his brain thinks its Ray Bulger; his arm thinks he’s Leo Farnsworth; his knee thinks he’s Chuck Norris, and his sperm swims like Michael Phelps!

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