September 25, 2017

Take a Lap – Coach Dean Pees

by Scott Benson, Patriots Daily Staff
August 29, 2009

I realize that it’s just the third pre-season game. I understand that they are in what is essentially a base alignment as serious game planning is being held for Buffalo and the rest of their regular season opponents. I recognize that what’s really important is how the Patriots defense plays in November and December, not August.

I know all that stuff. Still, Pats defensive coordinator Dean Pees – take a lap.

Maybe I have been expecting too much from a rebuilding Pats defense, but I was hoping to see more than this by now. Especially this week of the pre-season, often thought of as a dress rehearsal for the regular campaign. The Pats have improved incrementally on the pass rush (blitzes by Jerod Mayo in particular) so far, and last night tightened up on the run while showing taut coverage in spots. Overall, though, it’s still too easy to move the ball on them. Again, I understand the whole vanilla thing, but does vanilla necessarily have to mean mediocre?

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  1. The defense looks very suspect after the skins game. To many easy completions by a not very good qb and almost no pressure no by the d-line during 3rd downs is a cause for worry. At times the younger db were just about in the shirts of the skins receivers only to have campbell throw a pass right on the money because of no pressure. Take your pick but until this defense comes together I see 8-8 or 9-7 if the offensive line dosen’t get Brady killed. For that fact lets hope Brady isn’t going to miss any games because of his shoulder.

  2. Do we have to go through this EVERY YEAR?……maybe the Pats D will stink this year, but making judgements based on these exhibition games is just a waste of time…….thank god, there is only 1 more of these EXHIBITION games to go….

  3. Would it be fair to say that Campbell had his best game of the preseason? Pats had a lame opening series and a screwup on the Cooley completion. Pretty bad, but let’s not crush hemlock in our mojitos just yet.

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