September 22, 2017

Gut Check – Preseason Game 3 at Washington

by Chris Warner, Patriots Daily Staff
August 29, 2009

A quick review of last night’s 27-24 scrimmage win for New England at Washington:

Commencement Weak: The Patriots opened with the spark of wet clay, messing up on special teams (see: Slater, Matthew), offense (three and out) and defense (touchdown given up with 38 penalty yards). Yuck.

Wait Til We Get Our Haynesworth On You: When Tom Brady started out hitting nine of 12 passes for 122 yards and two touchdowns, life was good. When he failed to connect with Joey Galloway and Fred Taylor on different occasions, life was still good, just less comfortable. When leviathan tackle Albert Haynesworth landed on Brady’s shoulder, life seemed just… lame.

Stairway to Kevin: Because, really, Kevin O’Connell provided less-stellar-confidence in the backup quarterback position.

Let’s just think happy thoughts and continue…

Three Is A Magic Number: Kudos to Stephen Gostkowski for his game-winning field goal in the final seconds. Not that he needed it, but it came as a nice shot of confidence.

Randy And Ready: If the first half is any indication, Randy Moss looks primed, with six receptions for 90 yards and two touchdowns, helping New England race out to a 17-7 lead.

Attending The Reception: Three catches for 30 yards in the first half? We’ll take that, Laurence Maroney.

Floor Matt: Will the real Matthew Slater come out to play? He returned the opening kickoff for a skimpy 17-yard gain and hit a punt returner on a fair catch (need we add: for the second week in a row). After that came a special-teams tackle and a downed punt at the two-yard line. Let’s get more of the latter, please.

The Rise Of Lenon: One play after a solid tackle, linebacker Paris Lenon fell for QB Jason Campbell’s ball fake and leapt, allowing Campbell’s jaunt into the end zone. Whether or not that will result in the Fall of Lenon remains to be determined.

In The Reads: Defensive back Jonathan Wilhite returned an interception 99 yards for a 24-17 lead midway through the third. A red zone stop? Be still my heart.

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  1. Who knew? Albert Haynesworth loves him some Pats. From Reiss’s Pieces:

    The Washington Post’s D.C. Sports Bog talked with Haynesworth after the game: “I mean, it wasn’t like I was hitting Gisele or something; he’s the quarterback. It was good, it was fine. I mean, I was trying to tackle him, but I wasn’t trying to hurt him. I’m not that type of a player, you know? I’m actually a big Tom Brady fan. I’m a big Patriots fan. I’ve always like the Patriots, I’ve always liked Coach Belichick. I just like the way [Brady] is.”

    Added Haynesworth: “I hope he’s all right. If I had to hit him again, I would hit him again. That’s my job, that’s what they brought me here to do. But as far as trying to hurt somebody, I’m not trying to do that, especially that time, because I like that team. When you step back from football, I’ve always liked the Patriots. I don’t know why. It’s just something about them. I’ve always liked the Patriots.”

    All right already.

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