September 20, 2017

The Sunday Links, Part Two

logoby Scott Benson
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The NFL season is at the quarter mark now, so it’s not too early for a little division and conference scoreboard watching. Let’s see what happened yesterday….

Bills 17, Jets 14 – After the game, Jets fans agreed that they’d be better off suing their own coach.

Raiders 35, Dolphins 17 – Daunte Culpepper says its not personal with the Dolphins. That’s why every time his team got inside the 10 yard line yesterday, he ran the ball himself. Then pointed to his knee after scoring three touchdowns. But it’s not personal.

Cardinals 21, Steelers 14 – Usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire, Mike Tomlin.

Browns 27, Ravens 13 – I’m confused now. Which one of these two teams sucks? Congratulations to Ravens quarterback Steve McNair, though: he extended his “most consecutive games played while nursing a nagging groin injury” streak to 160 games.

Chiefs 30, Chargers 16 – How’s it going to end for the reeling Chargers? A standoff with the ATF? Their season has a whole Branch Davidians vibe going for it all of a sudden.

Colts 38, Broncos 20 – I know that the Colts got nicked up pretty good yesterday, but as long as Peyton Manning is drawing a breath, they are going to be hell to beat in that building. They score when they feel like it. Their defense gave up 200 yards rushing, but who wants to see the Patriots trying to win a shootout with the Colts by running the ball?

Seahawks 23, Forty Niners 3 – The Niners dropped their second straight after scaring the hell out of everybody by starting out 2-0. Now they’ve lost their starting quarterback. The Make Up Pick looks a little better this week.

Tonight the Patriots will try to keep pace with the Colts and avoid the hazards that bumped the Steelers from the ranks of the unbeaten when they face another AFC (quasi) contender in the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. Let’s see what the papers have to say for themselves this morning.

In their Patriots notebook, Mike Reiss and Christopher Gasper of the Globe say that starting right guard Stephen Neal will be on the sidelines again tonight. Gasper has the Pats contemplating the challenges of facing Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer. In his scouting report, Jim McBride likes the Pats by three scores.

In the Herald, Karen Guregian has the Pats stewing over their balky red zone defense. In her notebook, Guregian talks with rookie Brandon Meriweather about his first Monday Night Football appearance, and Jeff Horrigan looks at the surprising Sammy Morris.

Shalise Manza Young of the ProJo says the Bengals would like to be the Pats when (if) they grow up. In the Courant, David Heuschkel says the Pats know they’re in for a shootout tonight.

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  1. Re: Indy/Denver

    Yes, Indy scored at will in the second half of that game, but if Denver had either a DL or QB worth a crap they could have put a serious scare into Indy. If they play like that for the rest of the season they may not even win their division.

  2. Lots of really enjoyable losses yesterday. The Jets game was a delight.

  3. Clarification on the first post:

    It is INDY that I am saying that didn’t play very well and may not win their division. Denver may have a shot at theirs, but that is only because the AFCW has surprisingly become a complete joke. Denver is a God awful team. I would still be worried about facing them in the playoffs, though, just because they are, you know, Denver.

  4. Sorry for the multiple posts (may be even more to come) but Peter King is back on his knees for Brett Favre.

    “If Tom Brady and Peyton Manning weren’t playing like Bird and Magic in their playoff prime every game, Brett Favre might actually be ahead in the MVP derby right now. And you could certainly make the case that Favre’s the single-most important person to his team right now, because no 3-1 or 4-0 team has as pathetic a running game as Green Bay’s.”

    Sorry Peter. We know you love the guy and he is a clear HOFer, but Favre shouldn’t be anywhere near an MVP discussion at this point. His team is winning with defense and timely offense. I could rattle off at least 4 QBs playing better right now and there are probably at least 20 other players that are more valuable to their teams right now.

    I understand that turning the game into a soap opera is your schtick, but enough already.

  5. Anyone know where John Tomase is? I don’t think he has written for the Herald in over 2 weeks.

  6. Not sure, but I did hear he was about to become a father, so perhaps it’s something to do with that.

  7. Re: Culpepper – I think he’s bitter towards Miami’s management and wanted to rub their face in it, but I think he is OK with the fans and his former teammates (and vice-versa: the Miami fans I know don’t hate Culpepper, and the quote I read from Jason Taylor about him seemed to be almost glad he was playing well).

    Re: Steelers – Getting beat by their former coaching staff isn’t shocking or a sign of doom, IMHO. No one knows a team’s closeted skeletons better or how to exploit them. I didn’t see the game, but would think the biggest concern is if the game revealed any flaws that other teams can continure to exploit. Teams are never shy about copying success in thr NFL.

    Re: Colts – They scare me more than any other team, and the Pat’s current hype takes the “reigning Super Bowl Champion” bulleye/pressure off them and also gives them the “no respect” rallying cry: they won the SB and beat the Pats twice last year, but are ranked second.

    Re: Pats – Even if they win tonight, they’ve yet to beat a quality opponent (sorry 1-3 SD doesn’t count). With a Pats win, their opponents will be a combined 4-12. The media that’s been so quick to crown them will also be quick to pounce like feral chihuahuas if the Pats stumble at all.

    Re: Peter King – King’s praise of Easterbrook’s paranoia spygate conspiracy theory crap just made me sick. That stuff made me lose my last remaining shreds of respect for Easterbrook, and then King goes and supports it.

  8. Jim McBride looking like Nostradamus after yesterday’s game. Wow, that was very close.

    LintMan with a circular argument in regards to the Pats opponents. Had the Pats lost those same opponents would be mediocre to half way decent. they beat 2 playoff teams from a year ago and a team that just missed the playoffs. All of which were considered good to great teams coming into the season. Could it be the Patriots are just THAT good?

    I guess time will tell with the Cowboys and Colts coming up in the next several weeks.

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