September 20, 2017

Sunday Night Blogger Segment Posted

As promised yesterday, here is the Sunday Night Blogger segment on which was recorded yesterday.

The segments where we talked about Tom Brady as compared to Joe Montana and about Chad Johnson’s latest on-field celebration didn’t make the final cut, but we’re hoping to bring you some of that material next week sometime.


Check in this weekend for College Scout, and the Sunday Links, which promise to be filled with material, lets hope it’s more about the game Sunday night than the events of the last week.

Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Patriots Buffet Table


  1. Testing out the new comments.

  2. Saw you on As a fellow Pats fan I figure I would stop by and say hi.

  3. Yikes…lets hope not, MiniMack.

    By the way, with the new commenting system here are some of the benefits you get:

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  4. MiniMack42 says:

    Hey Bruce, Good work with Colinsworth…won't be long before you're stting next to the BIG O

  5. the pats have had my nuts in a vice since babe year they won there only game on there last game and missed a 1st rd pick,{joe montana}.geeze i will have to put up with a LOT of shit from other fans this season.this eve ill go to a sports bar in north carolina wearing my pats colours,ready for war. thaaaaanks guys.but i still got ya"lls backs,steveo

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