September 21, 2017

Charlie Casserly Has All The Answers

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

Unless the question is – Reggie Bush, or Mario Williams?

On the CBS pre-game show, Casserly just claimed that along with videotaping opposing coaches for the purpose of stealing their defensive signals, the Patriots are also jamming the other team’s radio signals (even on the road) and breaking into their opponent’s locker rooms to steal game plans.

The New York Jets – who couldn’t possibly have been Casserly’s source – told the two-time loser GM that they reserve the right to levy further charges against the Pats “if new information becomes available.”

The Jets – currently mired in last place in the AFC East –  also reserve the right to announce the earth is flat and the sky is green (with envy) “if new information becomes available.”

Meanwhile, Casserly – waiting in vain for another fool willing to hand his team over to the general managing equivilent of a multi-car pile up – passes the time by furthering the hidden agendas of his booze-soaked former colleagues on the NFL’s shadow government, otherwise known as its Competition Committee.


  1. Felger was saying the same thing earlier this week. Somehow; someway, the Patriots are able to rig the radio signals on the road. The unsubstantiated charges are driving me crazy. The video is one thing, but accusing the Patriots of everything from jamming radio signals to participating in the Kennedy assasination is getting tired.

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