September 22, 2017

Chad Scott Is Done For The Year

by Scott Benson
[email protected]

Morning, all. I caught you a delicious lynx.

The Patriots confirmed yesterday that cornerback Chad Scott will be lost for the season with a knee injury following his awkward, non-contact fall in last Friday’s practice. Damn shame on a couple of levels – Scott would have provided veteran insurance while Asante Samuel continues to percolate in Florida, and thanks to teammate Eugene Wilson, we learned yesterday that Scott had spent the off-season dedicating himself to that challenge as one the leaders of the Pats’ off-season program. Then, poof, season over. Life in the NFL can SO be a bitch, friends.

So that’s that. The Pats will now move on with Randall Gay across from Ellis Hobbs, and Tory James and rookie Brandon Meriweather in reserve. Does this give Samuel leverage in his dispute with the team? Who knows. I do know that they don’t need him any less today.

Two-a-days continue in Foxboro. Yesterday, the Pats worked on their passing game to varying degrees of success, though they’re even thinner at tight end than they are at corner. Blitz pick-ups seemed to be the highlight, until Tedy Bruschi knocked Sammy Morris’s hat clean off. Rookie lineman Kareem Brown, who somehow managed to get himself suspended before he ever took the field for the Patriots, returned. And on they go. I don’t want to seem impatient, but this is already feeling like drudgery.

Sad day in the NFL yesterday, as legendary coach Bill Walsh passed away. I think anybody who loves the league owes a debt to the great coach, a brilliant strategist, motivator and competitor. The league is a much, much better place for his standard-setting performances. Seems like New England is a better place too, as Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports explains.

Thanks to my colleague Dan Snapp for the heads up on that link. By the way, Dan offers his first column of the season tomorrow in this space. Please tune in.

Have any burning thoughts about the Pats, or the late Bill Walsh? You better have that looked at. Until then, drop your comments below.


  1. I wanted to mention….

    Nick Cafardo’s tribute to baseball fan Bill Walsh this morning reminded me of the time then-Pats beat writer Nick used his Mailbag to grouse about having to cover the Pats season-opener because it meant he would miss one game of a Yankees/Red Sox series. In other words, thank God for Mike Reiss and Chris Gaspar.

  2. We need to always remember how good we have it now. We had Cafardo, Borges and Jerome Solomon on the Globe beat and Kevin Mannix at the Herald. Now we’ve got young guys who clearly enjoy what they’re doing and seem to have a friendly competition among each other.

  3. I think Nick approached his Pats beat job much the same way Shaughnessy does his columnist gig. “What’s the Red Sox angle?” is the first question asked and then everything just sort of flows from there. Let’s take a legendary innovator who did much to shape the way modern football is played and pay tribute to him by posthumously asking what he’d think of the baseball trading deadline. Thank God Walsh had the decency to croak on a Sox off day.

  4. Jerome Solomon, forgettable in the exact same way of a kid added and just as quickly dropped from a sitcom. He’s the Six Bundy of the Globe.

  5. Wait a minute……Bill Walsh coached football? I thought he was a past-President of Red Sox Nation or something. I’ve got to start reading these things more closely.

    What do you bet that Peter King mentions Nick’s touching tribute next Monday, just before he accuses David Ortiz of using steroids?

  6. jamesgarnerisgod says:

    Walsh was amazing, no doubt about it. Perhaps most amazing, though, as I heard on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” last night is that Walsh essentially spawned no fewer than 16 NFL coaches, directly or indirectly through former assistants who became coaches. To paraphrase Run-DMC, sucker emcees should call him sire.

  7. one of Reiss’ Pieces

    “One area I will be anxious to see moving forward is how much the Patriots put their 3-wide package on the field and decide to hand off to Maroney, because I feel that puts one of the team’s top playmakers, Maroney, in the best position to make an impact.”

    This is going to be a fun year.

  8. Were all those coaches legitimate spawns? I think Bill could have used a life plan.

  9. The spawns (ewwwwww) also included two Super Bowl winning coaches – Holmgren (THAT should have never happened) and Seifert.

  10. I think Buckley is guilty of always looking for the Red Sox angle as well, as he did this morning when forcing a comparison of Wes Welker to Dustin Pedroia. These guys don’t look for Patriots comparisons when they write about the Red Sox, or at least rarely do, but they don’t know squat about football so they fall-back on baseball.

  11. They don’t know squat about baseball either Greg.

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