September 24, 2017

GDRV Game Day Blog – Are You Ready?

by Scott Benson

I’m just wondering if the Disney Company will manage to squeeze in at least a few plays from scrimmage tonight during the weekly Monday Night Informercial for the company’s diverse line of entertainment products.


Look, I understand that the Minnesota Vikings have gotten their act together faster than anyone expected. I understand they have a steady veteran quarterback, a talented runner, and one of the best defensive lines in football. I’d wager my Super Bowl ticket scalping proceeds that Brad Childress is a better coach than Mike Tice. I understand that, emboldened by ending the Seattle Seahawks formidable home winning streak last Sunday, they’ll be sky high for their first Monday Night home game in five years. That’s fine. They’re 4-2, and clowns are no longer running their ballclub. Good for them.

But I’ll say this – that’s a three-time Super Bowl champion standing on their visiting sideline tonight. The road they took to get there is littered with the rotting corpses of more than a few teams that looked like champions in October.


I’m watching the pre-game show and celebrating the news that Richard Seymour and his gruesome elbow will be in action tonight (watch your step, Rodney). Still, it kind of freaked me out to see Wendi Nix again. Can Greg Dickerson be far behind? Jesus, what the hell happened to ESPN, anyway?


Daniel Graham is out again, missing his third straight. Is it crass of me to wonder if this improves the chances of the Patriots re-signing him? Its not like he’s having a contract year.


Gotta go. Ugly Betty is making over Belichick. Ugly Betty, Thursday nights at 8:00 on ABC. And joining us now in the booth…….

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